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  1. TCB

    I see that a lot of people are not big fans of the cat ears. I genuinly like them and wonder if I'm the only one?
  2. TCB

    After 105 days it's time to wash my 50's for the first time since shrinking! Curious to see what happens to the colour, have heard that they don't loose much of it.
  3. TCB

    @HGS @tigerstrom Nice to hear! I'm in love the 50's, super slow faders but the satisfaction it gives when the fades are starting to show is the best.
  4. TCB

    With all the talk about second (or more) washes/soakes I'm starting to get a little anxious. Only wahed my 50's once in 40 degrees and already put in 60 days of wear
  5. Any good places to visit while in Quebec city? Denim shops or other clothing shops? Coffe shops and cafés?
  6. Japan Blue Momotaro

    The Momotaro SJ011 Railway worker cap. One of few caps that work well with my long fluffy hair. Will be cool to see how this will look in a couple of years.
  7. TCB

    Thanks, it is the regular 50's, the angle makes them look a little slimmer and they're not as wide as I thought. Awesome jeans.
  8. TCB

    Fit pics of the TCB 50's, really love the fabric after the first wash, some nice nep and the feeling is just great!
  9. TCB

    Just got my 50's! A nice pair that probably will be better for the summer than my 16.5oz Japan Blues. Will post fit pic tomorrow when they've dried after the first wash.
  10. TCB

    How good are the TCB 50's suited for the summer, and does it breath? I'm in Sweden so it's usually around 20-26 C.
  11. Thank you, the book is on its way to me since two days ago. Then I shall go and lurk some more!
  12. Any recommendations on jeans in the 1890-1930 style? The only ones I know of are the new LVC 501XX 1890 and the TCB's 20's.
  13. TCB

    ^ From what I know they don't update their website very often so that's probably the reason for it not being on there.
  14. What are peoples opinion on the new LVC vintage jeans? How do they hold up against other brands that also make jeans close to the classic 501?
  15. Studio D'artisan

    I'm new to raw jeans so the only pair I own is the Japan Blue JB0412 tapered fit in 30 which fit perfect in the waist but I haven't used them enough to notice how much they'll stretch. I got some pair that aren't raws like regular Levi's and Lee Manchester pants that are in 30.