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  1. gre9del

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Sorry about the pricing miss, posting from mobile. Up now.
  2. gre9del

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    have about a dozen acronym pieces for sale - price is what I paid. Largely retail some older pieces much lower. Majority are new or worn a couple times. Some few (older pieces) have wear. Prices in USD, sorry about not including them was pasting quickly. J41-GTV XL $1,300 J68-S (olive) XL SOLD P22-S L $980 NG4-AK (new) $450 SS-J2 XL (wear) - $400 J29-PX XL (new) SOLD J44-GT XL - SOLD J66-GTV (Volt) $1,500 J36-S XL (black w olive arm) $2,200 J54-LP (Sold) LA6B-AD XL (new) $950 Update 2: Couple additional items SS-J4 Black $500 GT-J7 (worn) L $600
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