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    I didn't know bagjack took requests, a lot of their molle pouches are halfway to what I'm after so I'll have to drop them an email. It's a shame xpac is reserved for Acronym, but I can live with cordura even though it's not as light. Amdusproject looks like it's worth following too. Thank you for the info'
  2. konrvadsk


    Pouch question for everyone here. What other brands are out there that make decent pouches, specifically ones that would be slim and light for Tec Sys jackets? I come from an outdoors background so I know all the good military brands and websites, but none of them make low profile pockets I would want to put on my J1TS-S or a J64TS-S. They all look a bit bulky and lack that certain aesthetic. Triple Aught Design OP1 is a great pouch I have on my backpacks, but it's too weighty for J1 front panel. The only brands I know of other than Acronym that have that low profile look are; Enfin Leve, Orbit Design (I have a few of their pouches) and AOKU. I'm hoping there's some more out there. Any recommendations appreciated
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