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  1. View Advert The Flat Head 1001 NWT size 29 The Flat Head 1001 NWT size 29 unhemmed/unworn/not soaked (Copy and pasted from Rivet and Hide measurements on their website too) https://rivetandhide.com/the-flat-head-1001-jean.html?___store=us_en In terms of appearance, the 16 oz. denim used on the 1001 jean looks almost just like the Pioneer 3000 series denim.The main difference is in the feel: the 16 oz. feels a bit rougher than the 3000 denim, the whiskers and honeycombs become really defined after just one day of wear. This is a slim straight fit but not as tight fitting as the 3001.There is less shrinkage than in the Pioneer denim and the longer inseam makes this jean a good choice for taller people.-16 oz. 100% cotton selvedge denim-Unsanforized/shrink-to-fit-Slim/straight fit-Iron buttons-Hidden iron rivets-Copper rivets-Goatskin leather patch-Button fly-Chain stitched hem-Crafted in JapanNB. This denim is made from unsanforized/shrink-to-fit denim. The jeans will shrink by 1" in the waist and stretch back out by 1" with wear.The inseam will shrink up to a maximum of 2.5". Measured myself and got the same as on Rivet and Hide for these Advertiser CrazyCat820 Date 03/24/2017 Price $290.00 Category denim  
  2. View Advert The Flat Head 4002 NWT size 30 The Flat Head 4002 NWT size 30 unhemmed/unworn/not soaked measurements can be seen here: https://rivetandhide.com/tfh-4002-slim-tapered-black-jean.html?___store=us_en Description copy and pasted: TFH 4002 Slim Tapered Black Jean The popular slim tapered fit from the 3002 indigo jean is now available in this 13.5 oz black denim. A mixture of sulphur and some indigo dyes the denim black and it will age in the same way as indigo denim with high contrast and Tate-Ochi vertical fading properties for which The Flat Head is renowned. The half-selvedge distinguishes this denim from the 3002 indigo jean. This denim shrinks less than the 3xxx denim. 1" in the waist which will stretch back out and a maximum 2" in the inseam with a hot wash. It comes with a 38" inseam length. -100% cotton 13.5 oz black denim -raw/unsanforized -Slim tapered fit -Hidden rivets -chain stitched hem -38" inseam -Zip Fly -Crafted in Japan I measured them myself and I got the same as on the website. Ordered them online while drinking but really do not need more jeans.. Advertiser CrazyCat820 Date 03/24/2017 Price $265.00 Category denim