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    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTB - Size 11/44 or 10.5/43.5
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    What’s up guys, finally had enough time to post my P24A-S, SS18 that I had tailored. I was inspired by a pair of Stone Island pants from a few seasons ago. They were made with an inch of elastic placed on the back half of the hem. And with me being 6’2, my pin roll could only be two rolls high. Which led to the pin roll unraveling over a short amount of time. Unless I wore boots or high top sneakers, then I could roll 3 times and it wouldn’t be too short. So after dealing with the sloppy roll for about a year, I finally researched someone I felt comfortable with; not only tapering them and adding the elastic, but also bringing in the waist a total of one inch. I felt even more comfortable after showing him the complexity of the pants and then him confidently stating the specificities of the work needed to be done. For the waist, he would have to undo the 2-3 layers of the reinforcement fabric and then simply cut and adjust from there (He said afterwards that was the most difficult part). For the taper, he started right under the reinforced knee and ended with a 5”/5.5” opening (I forget exactly). Either way it’s a pretty tight fit/taper. So much so, that without the elastic I wouldn’t be able to take the pants on or off. Which would make the referenced SI pants closer to a 6” opening. Even after having my confidence built up enough to trust someone with a pair of $1000+ pants, when picking them up I felt a little nervous as to what the outcome was gonna look like. But upon first sight, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. The up close details; the stitches, straight and clean, reinforced in the right places. The back of the waist band where he cut into, all of the layers of fabric look as if they hadn’t been ripped apart and then meticulously put back together. The joining of the elastic and cotton (even though I took my SI pants home with me) looked exactly like the joining on the SI pants. Oh and the kicker, I forgot to discuss this with him beforehand but he mentioned that he noticed how tall I was, so he didn’t cut any away from the hem. Simply just pressed, tucked and stitched down the existing hem, as well as the extra fabric from the tapered leg. That’s important to me because when it comes time to recycling the trousers, I can mention to the next owner that the leg can be reverted to original (but why would I give these up and why would YOU undo this perfect fit ;). So as you can see from the fit pics, they drop perfectly now. Without any pin roll, the silhouette from the tight waist, down to the arched out hips and then slowly tapering down from there into the 5.5” taper, culminate into the perfect “wide” fitting pants. For me at least. Tired of typing now, so if I missed anything I’ll edit. But if you live in NYC, my guys name is Atef and the company name is Tailoring NYC, highly recommend. Enjoy the fit pics.
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