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  1. Indeed! Some nice features in there aswell. I wonder how many times someone has actually had the need to draw a gun super quick from their man-purse..
  2. Those are quite nice aswell! Price also quite low. Allthough i kind of like the more rugged/"cheap" look of the 5.11, if that makes any sense.. Haha! They are quite ridiculous!
  3. Hi there, Old User, but been lurking too long to remember my user name. Tried the Emails, nothing.. Anyways, Does anybody have any experience with the 5.11 Tactical Delivery Bag (smallest one ,Mike)? Found this photo which resembles the amount of what i would usually carry throughout the day. Good amount of pockets, laptop sleeve, molle all over etc. (And of course, easy access for my gun.......) It looks fairly good for the price! (Around 90$) Or is it completely shit? http://www.511tactical.com/rush-delivery-mike.html