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  1. Samurai Jeans

    BrownMetallic that's a beautiful pair of jeans. I love the texture. Great job!
  2. Samurai Jeans

    From what I have read from you guys so far I am confident that you know what you're talking about I will report back once I get them to let you know!
  3. Samurai Jeans

    Oh that's perfect! thank you so much! I am totally OK with a wider leg opening, especially when I wear boots I could stand to gain a some extra room!
  4. Samurai Jeans

    OK so after measuring this is what I got Waist = 17 / 34 Front rise = 10.25 Back rise = 14.5 Thigh = 11.5 Knee = 8.25 Leg opening = 7.5 Inseam = 32 The above measurements are from rigid dragon 511's in the tag size of 34X32 thanks again I really appreciate it
  5. Samurai Jeans

    Hey guys I have been following this thread for a while now and I was wondering (and sorry in advance) if y'all could help me out? I am looking at getting a pair of Samurais (Samurai Jeans S711VX Zero 17oz Tight Straight) and I don't want to mess it up on account of the price point. I was thinking about getting a 33/34 but I am not sure about how it stretches out after wash. Any help would be greatly appreciated. PS I wear a size 34 in almost all Levi's 511's!