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  1. Wtb SS-CP2 Sz Small thank you!
  2. Last price drop $600USD excluding shipping and fees
  3. PRICE DROP: $700 excluding shipping and fees
  4. Offers welcome
  5. WTS E-j23 Condition: 8.5/10 All zippers work perfectly Very light fading, small holes on bottom of jacket from denim. Have provided very detailed pictures of every part of the jacket. Price: $800 excluding shipping and fees!
  6. LOL hope you're selling that
  7. Shit drop, whoever copped. You copped an L
  8. Is it safe to say....horrible season
  9. Anyone else pretty tired of men in here talking about things they like and don't like?
  10. "YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YA" - Lil uzi
  11. Ding ding
  12. New stuff looks fire, specially this one jacket resembles an old time favorite haha but that's all I'm going to say
  13. DAF1-003 SZ US 7.5 ($273 add ship n fees)
  14. B- still looking!
  15. If you'd like to sell that J41-GT please lmk. thanks ( I know it says trade)