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  1. Acronym.

    Finally—some news!
  2. Acronym.

    Can you post a review when you can? Been eyeing that one.
  3. Acronym.

    Asked him once and he said fabrics were made in Switzerland, yes. Czech construction, mostly.
  4. Acronym.

    We're already pushing the envelope in terms of release date, so who knows? Could be September the way things are looking.
  5. Acronym.

    First time I tried them on at the store I got a little cut on my hand from sliding them in.
  6. Acronym.

    But doesn't everything ship out of Czech Republic now? And I figured the AVM stuff was basically handled already.
  7. Acronym.

    Wonder why it's taking longer than usual then since they don't have a bunch of other retailer orders to fulfill.
  8. Acronym.

    Are we still getting a SS18 drop or is that abandoned?
  9. Acronym.

    Maybe ask on the FB group, too. Guys who seem to know stuff occasionally drop bits of info.
  10. Acronym.

    Optimism is expecting anyone to read that.
  11. Acronym.

  12. Acronym.

    Yeah that's what I was getting at. KDCA is usually pretty spot on with their sources, so I do believe it exists, just not in the form it took in that render.
  13. Acronym.

    Some early hint as to what we might be seeing.
  14. Acronym.

    So with the upcoming LF1's—size down by half or full size?
  15. Acronym.

    Has it been confirmed somewhere that they're doing just the bags and modulars?