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  1. Any secret to making the merino long sleeve tee last so long? I just purchased one and wore it a few times over the course of a week, then decided to wash it this weekend. Bought some wool wash detergent and washed it with some other things. Hung to dry, then layed flat to try and keep shape. Seemed to go OK, but wondering if you have any secrets or if I am doing more than I need to? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the tip on the collar. I will have to give it a try. I have the ash color and I would call it more of a mid-grey. On my laptop display the picture in this thread has brownish-tones which is not like the ash color in daylight at all.
  3. I like this "up" look on the overshirt. Does it hold this shape on its own, have snaps or do you need to iron in the crease?
  4. Perfect. I was hoping I could fit a blazer. Thanks.
  5. Speaking of does the Galvanic IS fit? I am just under a 38 so that should be a small. Is the galvanic TTS. Should I leave some room? Thanks.
  6. Thanks branespload. I went back to your video and noticed comment. I really appreciate the video and the follow up. The anorak looks great!! How was the conduct in 40ish degrees? Did you have a mid-layer?
  7. Thoughts on the field over shirt as a light spring / summer "jacket". Just purchased a small "ash" color and thinking it could be a shirt and jacket. Although, I am trying to get my head around "uses = cold / wind / rain" and "air permeable".