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  1. I just started following Metropolitan Museum of Art on #Vimeo: https://t.co/BqP6w1AUls

  2. No Trust Leads To Loneliness, Loneliness Isn't Good For Your Humanity

  3. Me... Everyday https://t.co/g2FaoJnLzK

  4. Ever Wish You Ran Into Someone Earlier In Life?

  5. Maybe I'm Weird But I Have A Real Different Definition Of Beauty

  6. @archillect 2018

  7. I Have So Many Melancholy Posts On My Twitter Feed. Who Are From My Friends. We Should Start A Garage Band

  8. @shhhhai_li Getting Locked Out Of The Art Studio, Elongating Our Conversation

  9. 'Nightcam' @samaustins Past Curfew https://t.co/UKw2mT08WB

  10. Cardi Said Hoes Don't Get Cold, Ni Agrees

  11. Ni Said Hoes Don't Get Cold

  12. RT @LastKing_Taee: Water is not wet ????????????????‍♂️ https://t.co/xGIZdDSYjf

  13. "Now That's How You Supposed To Shoot, FROM NOW ON THATS HOW YOU SHOOT!" https://t.co/6dcyMctakg

  14. Walking Against The Wind

  15. "If It Ain't Foreign It's Borin'" #FortuneCookie

  16. When That Stranger Things Vibe Kicks In https://t.co/fE8gL1uXoF

  17. Remembering Those Galaxy Nexus Days

  18. @samaustins ????????????

  19. RT @samaustins: FIJI via @PigsAndPlans ???????????? https://t.co/S7Tl0RYqsT https://t.co/uxEchfUjKV

  20. RT @90sNiallftafi: Men can wear whatever they wantMen can wear whatever they wantMen can wear whatever they wantMen can wear whatever th…

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