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  1. Denim Stores In Australia

    Took a few pics of LVC in Melbourne Central. The prices killed me but pretty interesting though! Someone already mentioned they are 370. The jackets are 500. i think theres a STF type 2 jacket or something. sorry about the bad images. was trying to be discrete while taking them.
  2. How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    Jeans PBJ xx-013 30/8/16 OTT1 28/9/16 Momotaro 0105SP 27/2/17 PIH5DCT 11/5/17 Jacket Momotaro 2105SP 2/3/17 Leather shoes RW 8119 28/9/16 CP Achilles Low 26/11/16 Gustin sneakers 1/2/17 (unworn) RW 875 10/2/17 Sold ODJB001 Current wants Samurai Jeans SEXIH07IIIBK
  3. contemplating on getting another denim jacket, something different from my current pair Looking at these few options Tanuki Black selvedge jacket 3sixteen shadow selvedge 3sixteen double black My current pairs are PIH5DCT, Momotaro 0105SP, PBJxx013 and ONI x TANUKI.
  4. 3sixteen ST-120XK or Pronto x IH PIH5DCT i know they are really different, but currently looking for indigo/indigo or indigo/black and unsanforized. just something different from my current rotation/brands ( Momo 0105SP, PBJ XX013, Oni x Tanuki tapered).