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  1. J62 is making me regret my J61 purchase tbh. Having the option for a hood would be really nice.
  2. WTB j28-k olive small or medium 3a-5ts 3a-6ts
  3. The dumbest thought I've had in the last month may have been, "These plastic bags feel nicer than the Acronym plastic bags" when I opened a pair of Outlier shorts. I was like, damn I need to go outside and do something else with my life.
  4. Still on the hunt for a j28-k olive in small or medium.
  5. Considered putting this in the sales thread, but it seems like that's just for listings. I'm curious how trades work in practice. I've only used the forum for one purchase in the past, but it seemed straightforward since there's a record of a transaction in paypal. Are there ways to handle them to make sure you're protected if the other guy never sends the item? Do you just rely on rep to verify the other person is trustworthy?
  6. Sure you can I'm enjoying my j46-ws and it's pretty plain, especially since I prefer to tuck the outer pocket flaps in. BTW, what are my fellow j46 owners using those two low zippered pockets on the sides for?
  7. Still looking for a j28-k olive in small or medium. Offering ~ retail.
  8. Just confirming bboysparrow is correct. I really oike the outlier pouches but didn't find a great way to attach them that didn't show a bit beyond the pouch. I'm still not sure I prefer the MZ3's to them though. Might end up letting them go. Or maybe put the outlier mods back and saving the mz3's in case I end up getting a some clothes with TS
  9. MZ3's came today. No additional duty fee to pay. Whew. Old setup vs new setup.
  10. The early stuff with those buttoned in liners were really cool, I thought. And the shoes are usually pretty cool. I'd have preferred the SI chelsea boots over any of the acr x nike collaborations. But yeah, I haven't been into the jackets for a bit. I should probably start paying more attention though.
  11. If there's something you're still looking for you might have another chance
  12. i was actually kind of feeling the j61. I love that you can attach it to your TS. Ultimately passed though. Did grab some mods but was hoping to see that double sized one people teased about earlier.
  13. WTB J28-K Olive size S J50-S Size M, Prefer Black but open to Raf J50-WS Size M Black
  14. Hoteveli just added a placeholder for these if anyone is interested. https://hotoveli.com/products/p10ts-ds-pant. Only one up so far. No pics yet.
  15. Oops sorry, I was thinking more like Haven or End where they seem to have more structure to their fulfillment.