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  1. is it just me or does the collar look slightly.. interesting?
  2. can anyone link to said picture? have been absent and I can't seem to find it.
  3. WTB Small T-6 in White/Red or Black/Red
  4. missed out on the brain tshirt... :/ hopefully someone is willing to resell
  5. I was wondering when the day would come that this pops up
  6. wow, thanks for the responses lots of choices for me now.
  7. Does anybody know about an anti-pickpocket solution I could use during my travels? Everything I've seen so far looks kind of tacky/uncomfortable. I'm looking to store my wallet/its contents and a passport.
  8. I am not a woman but everything you said is really really helpful; I have the build of a soccer player, but I'm not very tall. Looks like I have a bunch of free choice! The Veliance Graph looks really nice, so I think I'll be picking up the sweater soon. I have a general idea now of how warm I'll be kept so I'm super excited for winter, hopefully my kit will keep me just as comfortable as you said - I might be starving a lot though.
  9. @brainerd666 I was hoping it would have that kind of effect! seems like I'll have an easier time in Canada this winter; I've never had a proper way of dealing with the cold. J28 looks like it will accommodate for the right kind of layering.
  10. @Xu Jianfeng thank you, and thank you for the general advice. will be keeping these in mind!
  11. can anyone tell me about their experience wearing a gt shell with a liner in the winter? I'd like to know things like how much tighter the jacket fits and if/how much you can feel the cold.
  12. anyone know what date(s) F/W drops usually take place?
  13. looks like I won't try to find a relatively reasonably priced (but still ridiculously expensive) j1a anymore, hopefully the wait until fall is worth it and I can grab a j28
  14. as a student with no income until recently, it was extremely saddening for me to watch the j1a-gt (and others) go from sitting on to virtually unattainable
  15. does anyone know what bag Ümit is wearing in V27? I'm dying to know. edit: I think it might be a 3A-6TS in black foil.