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  1. This is extremely an old season question but can anyone attest to the material difference between P25H-DS and P25-DS? If I'm recalling correctly, P25H-DS is actual dry schoeller the P25-DS is 'high-density jersey'?

  2. 55 minutes ago, Kasper said:

    About you FOH with your virtue signalling. There's a reason SuFu is a politics free space and it's worked pretty well so far. 

    complaining that chinese people are now making your acr in addition to 99% of your other shit
    sufu is a politics free space

    do you not see the irony in this.. .

  3. Anyone have experience removing stains from the garment-dyed Nemen S7-C? Tempted to go at an oil stain with Oxiclean but I don't want it to do more damage.

  4. On 10/1/2018 at 10:57 AM, symbebekos said:

    Just ordered a black 3A-13TS. Judging from the photos, it looks to me like that stitched strip of fabric at the top can be used as a handle?

    How'd you end up liking the 13ts? I'm thinking about picking one up, but I'm wondering whether or not it'll fit a 15" Macbook Pro. 

  5. Looks are highly subjective...perhaps he prefers how it looks.  I agree though, I like XPAC the most and Laminat the least but I do have to concede that Laminat looks much more lux than the rest.


    Does this version lose its matte finish? I've seen older bags start to look like they're wet or something.


    Hope there is restock of the black foil



  6. Have acronym Nike lunarforces ever come in the regular orange box? There's a listing I'm looking at and it doesn't have the white nikelab box, is that a bit of a red flag?

    I think it's a replacement box, Nikelab releases always come in a white box.

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