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  1. 2 hours ago, Brenjay said:

    Wound up going to see Michal at Shoe Repair Concierge in Chinatown really close to your shop.  In the mall in the big parkade under the Floata restaurant.  Has a great little shop and he did a great job of replacing the Christy sole on my Red Wings with a thick leather midsole, Vibram chevron half sole and Cat’s Paw heel.  He totally gets it and I am loving the shoes.  Recommended.

    That’s great to know. Thanks 

  2. On 2017-10-29 at 8:57 PM, Brenjay said:

    I'd like to know if there are any cobblers in Vancouver doing interesting work.  I'm thinking really nice resoles and rebuilds along the lines of Brass Tokyo etc.  Most cobblers could probably do the work but it would be nice if there is someone out there who gets it without having to explain.

    would also like to see more variety in footwear selection here.  Everyone just sells Red Wings.  I have several pairs and love them but would like to see other brands.  Niftydo did a nice run of Vibergs recently.

    Whenever we’ve had people come in looking for shoe stuff done weve sent them to East Van shoe repair.... I dont know how she is with a lot of the other types of soles but I’m sure she could direct you to someone that can. 

    We ( The Shop Vancouver ) recently started to bring in the Wesco boots and have a collaboration that will be starting pre sale in the next few weeks. 

    Miloh is on top of the shoe game , they’re just around the corner from us now in Chinatown. 


  3. On 2017-10-31 at 3:50 PM, GregoryH said:

    hey @TJSchneider is there anyone you know of in your area that does chainstitching/repairs? (darning etc.) 

    Holy shit trying to remember how to do this... We offer chain stitch hemming on a union special 43200G 

    and our girl Making A Mends is doing all our denim repairs. She’s got the right set up to do it all proper. 

    Hope that helps 

  4. Went bowling last night, got home well after midnight.. Real party monster. 


    "TS" Knickerboker Mfg Cap, I lost it a few weeks ago, was hyped to find it last night. 

    Merry Co Indigo T, Bought it to support the local cats at Nifty Do here in Vancouver. 

    Mister Freedom. I love this shirt.

    Schott jacket.. I stole this from The Shop, we had a cold winter and I don't know what happened to all my winter coats.

    Mr Clarke Collective, The Shop Denim. I wash the a fair bit, not going for any kind of wild crazy contrast fades or anything like that.. just wearing them.  

    Converse, Got these from Ben down at Snake oil when I was in LA. He didn't like that i was wearing the shit style ones and forced me to take these home, then I went to eat In and Out. 

    Bell Helmet bag, doubles as my bowling ball and shoes bag.. 


  5. Pretty hyped, Grabbed a pair of the Mirror 501's. As a collector of random and numbered shit, I was pleasantly surprised to receive #321/501.

    for now we have them up on the wall at The Shop, eventually Ill run em I'm sure. Neat little piece. Photo%202017-03-16%2012%2029%2025%20PM.j

  6. 16 hours ago, aho said:

    ^love BigHeadTaco and bought a Fuji because of one of his reviews long ago :P

    Take "Taco" is super dope.

    12 hours ago, serotonin flood said:

    That TS looks legit.  I always have had troubles writing the letter S for artistic purposes:blush: also I've never heard of the brand Orgueil and it looks like a dope brand and what are those extra buttons on the inside of the waistband, are they for braces?  

    Orgueil is a line we get from the guys at Studio D'Artisan. It's cool stuff, a little more of an old school tailored look, more 3 piece suits and lighter fabrics that don't seem to fit into the regular Studio line up. The buttons on the insides are for suspenders. That "S"... I agree they suck. I actually started this one backwards and it seemed to work. 

  7. 7 hours ago, volvo240thebest said:

    I actually have three pairs! one fully faded, semi retired and awaiting for more repairs, one getting closer to their prime (another two months and they'll be really beautiful) and a new unworn pair that still needs to be sent to be hemmed. At this stage  I've already spent on the first pair more money on repairs than the cost of a new pair, haha.

    Thing is, when they start to look the way I really like I should stop to wear them... It's a bit frustrating, but such is life.

    BTW TJ must be well chuffed by my literary and philosophic contribution for today, at this point!

    Brilliant, Thank you. I feel like your jacket is my jacket. 

  8. Becasue Bowling is HYPE ! 

    Knickerbocker X Brian Blakely X The Ides X The Shop Vancouver, Wool Cap. We made 25 of these little jammers a few months ago. A lot of good people had a hand in making these so I'm pretty stoked I stole one before they sold out. 

    Blackboard Cafe sweater.. Ive had this thing for years. Its filthy and I love it. 

    Flathead Thermal. 

    The Shop Vancouver X Mr Clarke Collective. I've had a hand in designing a healthy number of products over the last 20 years, and the Mr Clarke project has been an idea since late 2001. A friend of mine used to own a clothing company called Lifetime and he wanted to team up and make a capsule collection featuring the initial jean back in 03 but unfortunately I had to put everything on the back burner because I was too busy.. Now that The Shop is going into its 5th year I though, now is the time to do it. These are our initial offering "Series A" limited production of 250 ( all hand signed and numbered) motorcycle pants with a 32% Kevlar blend denim. We have a pretty heavy motorcycle vibe at The Shop and even though we have some of the raddest denim in the world, a lot of people really wanted a good looking, protective option... so we made one. I'm actually really proud of how the jean came out. 

    The Shop White 100% Cotton Socks we had made in North Carolina. 

    Vintage Nike bowling shoes. 


    Quick question... Why doesn't anyone really write down anything about their products.. I mean everyone has some great looking stuff but, what's their story ?

    Anyway... Bowling Thursday.. 

    Love T.

  9. Rain/Snow today so slurpees it is!

    Flathead Waffle (cant see it)

    Flathead Wabash (Cant really see it)  

    Dehen 1920 Varsity Cardigan 

    WH Ranch Jacket

    Filson Briefcase 

    Flathead 3009 

    and some new old Made in USA converse my homie Kirby brought me to The Shop today.. if Vintage is your thing, check him out DeadUnion

    you may also notice my biggest vice... I love playing with stickers. 


    Hope everyone is well

    Love Tj. 

  10. It's gettin dark in here, its snowy, I want Ice Cream, I'm watching Deuce Bigalow.

    Glad Hand hat

    Flathead Wabash 

    Tom Fugle X David Mann hand painted belt. 

    Orgueil Nep jean 

    Geeked up Socks 

    70s Converse 



  11. I hear ya, If I was to buy these pants today, I would have sized up but when I bought them I wasn't really feelin that bigger stuff. I was also expecting them to shape a little more to my man thighs. These are just one of those pairs of pants I see and I want to wear, they just don't work for me. 

  12. Levis 501 1947, I actually really don't like these pants. they make me feel like I'm wrapped in a plastic bag and my little men can't breathe. 

    I'm trying though to work through the discomfort.

    Stevenson Crew, redwing engineers.. no idea why they discontinued these.



  13. 10 hours ago, HAZARDkid said:

    Anyone know where to find the size tag on the Chore Jacket? Can't find it - ordered a size too big, going to have to exchange it. I'm 5'8/5'9 165-175lbs and I ordered a 42 to account for some layering but there is still much space even with my beefiest sweater. Length is fine and sleeves were a bit long but was planning on cuffing it anyways.

    I'm curious to know what they do for returns and exchanges for people buying in Canada. Keep me posted. If its crazy expensive and not really feasible, let me know. We carry a bunch of the TCB stuff and I'm headed back to Japan in March and will see Inoue. might be able to help sort you out. 


  14. 7 hours ago, shoreman said:

    Club Monaco was carrying the 47 one wash model but, I can't imagine many Montrealers willing to spend $350 CAD + Quebec taxes. (Could be wrong, though.)

    Dutil's customer service is on point. Wish they would go back to providing measurement tables online. Some of their modelling is pretty awful, though. 

    I feel like North American Quality Purveyors has the most potential. I just wish everyone would take a step back from ordering all these low-rise, slim tapered cuts. 

    Edit: Forgot about Nifty-Do. They're pretty cool. But, again, they've got the skinny jean bug. 

    Did they do a Club Monaco repop 47, or they actually had the LVC 1947? I have a pair of the LVC 47's I got down in LA at a shop called TriCo.. Don't really wear them much. I fell in love with the packaging I think more than I did with the actual product. 

    Thats cool that you know about the Nifty Do and NAQP cats and you're in Quebec.. sounds like there really isn't much out that way though, so if you're looking for things you need to do some searching. 

    What are the styles that you'd like to see more people carry ? 

  15. 8 hours ago, HAZARDkid said:

    Yea, it's funny cause bluebuttonshop isn't even a denim shop they have general friendly japanese herritage vibe.

    Haven't seen stores get any new LVC, last two pairs I got were a couple boxing days ago for very cheap before the shop cut the brand. I wish the Levi's stores or the one downtown would carry it. I've only seen LVC once in a Levi's store in a mall and this was back in the day when I first discovered raw denim. Even the standalone flagship store during that time before it closed only had the regular 501STF and the selvedge501STF. 

    As for the Military Inspired pieces - the shop could be HAVEN for their in-house brand CYPRESS, it's all on sale right now actually lol. That's the only store I can think of that's in a back alley.

    I know it wasn't Haven, We have one of their stores here in Vancouver. I didn't make it into their Toronto spot but this wasn't it for sure.  It was on Queen Street, maybe a 5 minute drive from where Lost and Found is.. They had a decent little mix of Vintage and new pieces.. I think they said something about them moving in the near future (I was there in July 2016) anyway cool little spot in Toronto. 

  16. 8 hours ago, HAZARDkid said:

    Toronto has a decent offering of "RAW "denim brands but they are spread out throughout different shops because most of the shops aren't dedicated to denim. If you try and search 'denim shops toronto' you won't really find anything. Top of my head for Toronto:

    BlueButtonShop has Warehouse, Sugarcane, FullCount, Denime, Kapital, SDA etc. Pretty sure they don't do chainstitching, could be wrong though.

    Dutil Denim (I think is the only shop in Toronto that has a chainstitching service but it's expensive because they outsource it), RainbowJeans (They used to have Evisu, LVC, Lee and many others but now I think all they carry is N&F and Nudies).

    We also have HAVEN (Kapital, Visvim, Neighborhood etc.), UncleOtis (OrSlow), Nomadshop, Lost&FoundShop(McCoys, Tellason, LVC), Muddy George, Lavish&Squalor (used to have Edwin not sure what they have now). Capsule and Livestock are sneaker stores but they do carry some brands. 

    Big retailers - Holt Renfrew, Harry Rosen(Had RRL before not sure anymore), TNT, the Bay.

    There are many other shops downtown Toronto especially on queen st. that also probably have some sort of raw denim offering. You kind of have to look around because all the shops carry different brands. Brands like N&F, Nudies and APC are very common to find. 

    The cats over at Blue Button are rad. It's a little different vibe than what I would have expected from a store with so many great pieces, but they seem like they are the go to for selection.  

    Does anyone actually know whats happening with LVC in Canada ? I was told that they are pulling out of the Canadian market to focus on getting things sorted properly in the US... 

    There was a shop that had a bunch of military inspired pieces that were made in Toronto.. I cant remember the name but it was in a little back alley...


  17. On 2/5/2017 at 3:37 AM, shoreman said:

    Montreal needs some more variety. Tate + Yoko and CSM just aren't cutting it. 

    Can't even find CSM on the ole interwebs. I didn't realize Tate and Yoko was a Studio and Flathead dealer in Canada. 

    We've tried to look up whats happening out east but all i could really find was Denim King.. I guess with Naked and Famous being out that way they have sorta just taken over the market. Its too bad since Montreal has always seemed to be a bit of a leader when it comes to whats next in Canada. 


  18. I saw someone mention that it's interesting to see peoples reactions to the CPO. 

    We just got hime from Japan, where it was sold out, We looked on line through the states and it looks like its sold out. 

    Saw some on Ebay, $450 , $500 and one was even $700

    We have 3 left and its like pulling teeth to even get people to look at them.... 

    What the hell is up with Canada ? are we that fucking backwards ? 

  19. DSCF8988.jpgI took a quick break from looking for Kanye tickets on Craigslist to get our friend Lauren to take this flick to and was promptly told to "fuck off" by someone taking my photo.... not sure how that works.


    My standard 50's Buco riding cap

    Velva Sheen Waffle 

    Orgueil 1015 Nep Jeans- I love this cut. 

    White cotton socks.. Jammin. 

    Buttero Leather kicks. 

    Dads old late 40s Elgin watch. 

  20. Wondering when TCB will be carried stateside in USA?

    We carry a bunch of the stuff here in Vancouver Canada. Can be close depending on where you're at.... but I see you're in Greensboro... Not even Close. Theres a shop on the East Coast of Canada called Blue Button Shop that also has a few of their styles. 


    Hello fellow TCB fanatics!


    I'm interested in purchasing both the Seamans trousers and jacket, and was hoping to get some direct input on sizing. As far as the trousers go, I have heard all variations in fitting small, tts, and a bit large. Generally, I wear a 32 in most bottoms, usually with a desired bit of extra waist room. I also plan on washing these items frequently, and want to accommodate for any shrinkage they may face over the long run. I'm leaning towards a 34 in the trousers to get a true anti-fit, and depending how large they are, attempting to hot/wash dry them for desired shrinkage. Regarding the jacket, I actually have little idea on what the fit is like, other than being fairly slim. I was leaning towards a 40, since that is what I have worn in other brands (i.e Sugar Cane 1954) that works well, with enough room to layer, but not look sloppy on its own. Would love to hear any thoughts from anyone owning either about what the wash/wear sizing is like on these!


    Thanks in advance!!!! 

    Yo G , Here are some flicks of the TCB Seamans 34 and the 40 type 2. 

    You can look and see some of my flicks of how i wear things... 6'1" 175 lbs.. Typically a 30 in most jeans with no soak or wash, and a 40 in most jackets. That said, If i was going to soak the TCB jacket Id run the 40 because it is long, With the pants Id go 32 if i just ran em and 34 if I was going to try to snug em up a little bit. Hopefully this helps with some visuals. 


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