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    Watches and Denim

    yeah I actually felt the same way you did - it's an old pic and I forgot about that strap. I've since thrown on an ostrich strap but hadn't taken a new pic but this gave me a good excuse to take one. @rodeo bill backside isn't engraved or anything so it's still plain.
  2. JamesCap

    Visvim Community Sale Thread

    Prices include all fees. Full photos and descriptions on Grailed. More items listed there as well, you can expect about a 10% discount when buying off the site for most items - sending boots internationally will be expensive though. Please contact me on here if you would like to buy, as grailed charges fees. If you message me on grailed, the grailed price is what you'll be asked to pay. Mohair Knit Sweater Size 3 (fits like a traditional US large / visvim 4) - $650 Minie Hunting JKT Damaged Moleskin Size 3 - $650 Mies Coat Size 3 - $700 Ballistic 20L Burgundy - $400 12AW Virgil Kngr Folk Lt Brown Size 11 - $950 7-Hole 73-Folk Sand Size 11 - $700 ICT Virgil Mud Dye Size 11 - $950 Social Sculpture Check Sleeve Shirt Size 3 - $275 Peerless Dugout Shirt Size 3 - $350