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  1. Mine was constantly popping out.  I eventually stitched the button slot closed... then there was the issue with the pin catching on tucked shirts. 

    After putting a couple of holes in favorite tees, I stitched a small leather square over the back of the pin and called it a day. 


  2. I have a couple pairs of their overalls. 

    I'm not sure what my actual waist is, but 33"/83cm is perfect size for me to wear without a belt.

    I bought the handyman overalls in 32"

  3. 5 hours ago, roomtemplacroix said:

    @Onderdonk the waist stretches really easily. i typically wear 29 in jeans and got 28 seamen’s and it fits really well after stretching. 

    I appreciate it. I'm typically a 32, and picked up a pair of Tabby's work pants in 32. They're not bad, but they're a little loose -or at least will be. 

    They are very cool though... 



  4. I picked up a pair of 130s a while ago size 3. They measured 32" in the waist, but now they're at 34" and I can't really wear them without a belt. 

    Amazing jeans, but wondering whether I should have tried a size 2... 

  5. I would go 3009 and size up. The 3005's waist doesn't taper in nearly as much as the 3009 and i feel that the 3005 would be extremely large in the waist and you'd have quite a bit of bunching at the waistband.  Also, to get that fit you want you need some taper, which the 3009 has.



    Thanks for that Kiya! If my actual waist size (at least where I choose to wear my jeans) is 33 --what size/how much size up would you recommend going? Thinking of heading into selfedge NYC this afternoon.

  6. What's up Sufu! I'm trying to find something in 3xxx that fits a bit like this:



    511581530 15


    Basically, something very loose that can either be pin rolled or isn't super wide at the hem.


    At the moment, I've a pair of TTS 3012s sized 31 that are great (had these just over a year), but i want to go much looser now. I'm tired of beating around the loose fit bush!

    I'm thinking maybe I could have sized up on them a couple sizes and probably gotten away with it, or maybe 3009 or 3005...? 


    Anyone have experience with sizing up? How far can you go before the waist falls off and the seat loses all form? 

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