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    W. H. Ranch Dungarees

    This is the thread where I come to laugh and cry at human behaviour. People get bent over and burned and still wanna justify it. It's both sad and hilarious.
  2. Blend

    Pure Blue Japan

    Yeah, and as mentioned, some customers are happy to use places like Take5 and pay a bit more (commesurate with those advantages). On the downside, Take5 only carry a small number of models (currently 6 online) with nowhere near the variety and choices one could get through OD (closer to 30 different models along with shirts, jackets, accessories, etc). Unfortunately, even Take5 will have to raise their prices to match the new IPP. While PBJ may hope business out this way will all channel through Take5 with the change, it's highly unlikely. I think customers are more likely to just look to other brand choices in the market.
  3. Blend

    Pure Blue Japan

    Yeah, I get that. As Cucoo mentioned some customers don't mind paying a bit more for the convenience of a bricks and mortar experience and being able to get the product immediately. These are the ways a reseller can add value and justify an extra cost. Again, the issue I have is that the reseller price everywhere has been dictated to by US retailers with their artificially inflated prices to cover the various taxes/duties/levies/whatevers that their country chooses to impose. I get the dollars and sense of the decision, I just find it grossly distasteful and this type of questioning and debate is good and healthy.
  4. Blend

    Pure Blue Japan

    Hi Foxy. Thanks for the lengthy response and no issues here with its tone. We may be just coming from different perspectives. I acknowledge your comments and opinions about the question of "customs cost avoidance". And this seems to be one of the thrusts as to why you tend to have no issue with the PBJ price rise. I also acknowledge there are a broader range of points you have raised, but most of them are perhaps less pertinent to my point. "Customs cost avoidance" is a non-issue for me as I live in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a free port and does not levy any duty on imports. There is no sales tax or any other import charges. So, essentially, I could (and arguably should be able to) buy directly from companies in japan who are willing to sell internationally at Japanese retail prices (or near to, taking into account the shipping fees). My issue as I see it, is that the "international pricing policy" means a significant increase (30-40%+) to the price I have to pay. Furthermore, that increased price is not due to increased costs of materials or production, etc, but simply due to placating the US retailers, who do have to deal with all those extra costs outlined above. If my understanding is correct, the prices for all countries outside of Japan is being forced to match the inflated prices charged by US retailers. So, instead of paying the cost price, plus mark-up for reasonable profit, and the shipping cost to import here to Hong Kong, the new PBJ product cost for me includes all those extra charges that are part of importing for US businesses and nothing to do with importing here to Hong Kong. I'm certainly no expert in these areas and been trying to understand why it is so many in the US are OK with it (retailers aside, as I understand their interest). I do know that the effect of this policy has a significant impact on my situation. Nevertheless, as you mentioned, there are enough quality options out there these days to simply choose another brand. And I'm happy to do so, and will do so.
  5. Blend

    Pure Blue Japan

    Agree. And especially when you are looking at 30-40% with zero added value
  6. Blend

    Pure Blue Japan

    Hi. But aren't you assuming that other countries have the same import/customs/whatever-else-laws as the States? What about countries, like Hong Kong, where there are no such laws and regulations, thus no such charges? I now have to pay an extra 30-40% for my purchase for no other reason than to appease US retailers operating under US laws, none of which are my concern (or at least, shouldn't be).
  7. Thanks Pudaspriest. Recently, it was with Feltraiger and Levi's. I also have the same lack of sizing issue on the Cultizm page (and model clarification for that matter). Thanks Geeman. I know there are plenty of good online stores and brands out there that are more than helpful. I just wish they were all that way. I'm still finding my own style and size. I've been wearing my first raw selvedge, (Edwin 55 11.5oz white selvedge unwashed) for the past 5 months. I live in Hong Kong so wanted a lighter weight to get through the summer humidity over here as my first raw experience. I have traditionally gone for a regular fit with more room in the seat, but still some taper in the leg (ed-55 fit this bill well). Though, now I'm starting to look more towards the slim tapers. I have bought quite a number of different jeans in the past 6 months to get a gauge on sizing and fit. So, now when I see measurements I have a better idea of how they will sit on me (well, at least before they stretch out). Has anybody had any experience with Feltraiger jeans? Opinions? Feedback? http://www.feltraiger.com/ How about Dumluck? http://www.dumluck.nl Was just curious. I quite like digging around and finding some of those smaller, lesser known brands.
  8. OK, a recent convert to raw selvedge and been watching quietly in the background here of recent. I have a question... Why do so many online sites not provide measurements for their jeans? It is incredibly frustrating and has stopped me numerous times from making purchases. Is it a clique snobby thing where people in the know should just know how different denims fit? Doesn't make much sense then, when dealing with new brands trying to break on the scene... Anyway, needed to vent as it's been driving me farking nutz.