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  1. imaginarysaxon

    films you're looking forward to seeing

    Straight Outta Compton 'cus I'm frm LA. Dre album was w/e tho....
  2. imaginarysaxon

    coffee anyone?

    Ay that is such bullshit.
  3. imaginarysaxon

    Music Producers / Studio Thread

    Logic + Reason 8! If you want control.. that's the way to go. Smh to all this fruityloops bs..
  4. imaginarysaxon

    NBA Basketball

    Just saw this Matt Barnes interview. Pretty clean, never really gave a shit about NBA player interviews.
  5. imaginarysaxon

    Graphic Design

  6. imaginarysaxon

    video games ruined my life

    Super Monkey Ball is the greatest game ever. (fuck that new shit though) The End.
  7. imaginarysaxon


    Maaaaan I just smoke backwoods. I'm really tryna get this too though.
  8. imaginarysaxon

    Fonts / Typography

    I really love the Acne Studios typeface.. and more minimal ones like it. People really need to keep it classic, stop all that extra shit.
  9. imaginarysaxon

    Anime / Manga

    Have any of you guys heard of Usagi Yojimbo? I just found out about him.. and he badass af.
  10. imaginarysaxon


    Could never get enough tattoos.. really looking to go to NY and check out East River Tattoo. Super sick traditional shit. https://instagram.com/eastrivertattoo/
  11. imaginarysaxon

    Gatsby Style Eyeglasses, Which One Is better ?

    The Oliver Peoples for sure! I've always wanted those.
  12. imaginarysaxon

    Common Projects sneakers

    Does CP have some kind of repair program? I'm just wondering what to do when the soles are messed up.
  13. imaginarysaxon

    Samurai Jeans

    Their store in Osaka is beautiful! The walk there from the station is pretty chill too..