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  1. any plans on doing any watches with a smaller diameter? 

    like maybe 36 or 38 mm? 

    there's not a lot of competition in that size range (only Seiko and Precista and like, one Hamilton come to mind)

    i feel like that size range would better suit a sufu-user's twig-like asian wrist


    Good question. The Timex Camper at 34 mm isn't a bad little watch either.


    We definitely want to be able to offer additional watches in the future. I tried to find a happy medium in terms of sizing for the first round. Alot of mid-range watch companies make absurdly large cases!


    I'm taking some photos of the watches being worn that should give some perspective. I think the combination of diameter and thickness on our first two models is pretty versatile.


    In terms of design, I'd be more than open to discuss a forum special watch or on a lesser note, a forum special strap.

  2. Appreciate the feedback. I've been on SF for 10+ years so definitely get where you're coming from. 


    There really aren't any brands out there with a breadth of high quality dyed straps (these aren't cheaply screen printed). Suigeneric is great, but the straps are expensive and aren't really made to be worn in the water/if you're active/etc. We tried to make something simple, durable, and stylish. For the quality, our watch is relatively inexpensive, and we throw in 3 straps. We're also aiming to release new designs every month. Patterns you won't find anywhere else. 


    Definitely not for everyone so I appreciate you taking a look nonetheless! 

  3. oh hi!  can u maybe make a strap with a bunch of little rainbows? i think that kind of motif would be absolutely fabulous!  i'd love to buy/wear one to show my support for the next gay pride week!  

    toodle-loo!   :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)


    It looks like Rolex beat me to it, unfortunately. Sorry friend!




    I would be interested in a horween cordovan shell roughout box calf strap matched with american grade nickel hardware. In addition, I'd like to rotate the leather strap with an 12.5oz selvedge denim strap (selvedge turned up so people can see). I'd prefer an okayama denim with a deep indigo hue and vintage colored weft for sick fades.


    If you're lucky it will be 75 oz. 100x100 Warp x Weft. Unsanforized and woven on a 500 year old shuttle loom by my great grandma. Extra slubby. 


    In all seriousness, we've actually been toying with a thick denim strap.

  4.  Modoc_Logo_WithBackground_zpsjkuo4f7j.jp               



    I've been a member of Superfuture since 2005 (not under this account, of course) and have always appreciated the sharing of knowledge and conversations this forum facilitates.

    Over the years I've been collecting watches and have always been underwhelmed by the lack of variety when it comes to watch straps. With that in mind, I started Modoc Watch Co. as a simple passion project and I hope you'll enjoy it...


    About the company:
    Modoc Watch Co. is a one-man operation based out of Los Angeles, CA. Our pieces weren't born out of an ostentatious mantra, or the notion of selling you a fictional lifestyle where you don a Modoc Watch, instantly acquire full sleeve tattoos and have your beard stroked by Cara Delevingne while you gallivant across a desert wasteland in a 65' Dodge Charger (that would be pretty sweet though). There's no back-story about finding T. Bone Dongbeard's lost design journal in an abandoned denim factory in Red Hook. Nay, the Modoc Watch Co. story is slightly less glamorous: I want to offer you a curated collection of high quality watches and watch straps, at a reasonable price.


    We currently offer two watch sets and a variety of straps. I hope to be able to offer new straps (in collaboration with various artists) every month as well as a new watch design in the near future.


    All Modoc Watch Co. Watch Sets come with:

    - 1 x Watch
    - 3 x Watch Straps of your choosing
    - 1 x Ballistic Nylon Travel Case


    I'll post some pics and specs in the next post...


    All Superfuture members will receive 10% off their order by using the code MODOC10


    Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/modocwatch/

    Follow us on Tumblr: http://modocwatch.tumblr.com

    Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/modocwatch
    Email: [email protected]


    Always happy to answer questions, and appreciate you taking a look! 

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