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  1. I haven't been back like I said with some fit pics of the p15-s but thats cause i been loving the fek out of them; they really are some good trousers. Pics to follow..


    My only complaint would be if they could be blacker, but I  might concede that the material just doesn't work that way with black dye.


    I'm so in love with them however I want to invest again; I realise they aren't black but is there enough of a difference between the p15-s and p15-CH that it's worth buying them? 


    Anyone got close ups of the material?



  2. Go for XL. You should be worried about the length instead of the waist.

    I was looking forward for a black this season . Not really liking the "night" color. Kinda looks bluish

    So the clock is ticking on my chances. 


    I can get the Large p15-ch from Scotland or an XL p15-s from america.. Can anyone support what JoseRizal is saying about the XL on a 33' waist if I'm 6'2. Sorry Jose to doubt more of just making sure considering by the time its shipped the Large will be sold and the price. Also will Bodega charge me import taxes? I've just found a large p15-s from america so now i actually have the choice of L/XL In the p15-s.


    In my original post is that p15-ch or p15-s? Because the drawstring seems to be dark as well as the trousers but the p15-s seem to always have an olive belt.


  3. Hmmm..


    So Dolphinski, If I am looking to pair with deep saturated black wool shirts,coats and such or with black goretex upper or black motorbike leather.. things that are dense matte black's you think I would be disappointed?


    Only one way to find out by ordering from Hanon but by the time I send it back I may have missed the stotz opportunity. It's just the style that p15 is I can't imagine it going well with the Stotz fabric I had from last season's p10-s.. 



  4. CH 'Night' has no problems going with black and like drgitlin it is indeed very versatile; almost seamless with black GT shells and complements lighter colours like white and olive/RAF Green perfectly.  


    Also this fabric seems to fade in the best possible way: 



    Thank you-


    Very useful information my friend.


    Gunna put in then on the -CH and then if no good gunna have to order -Stotz from across the pond

  5. Great, 

    I do tend to wear mostly black anyhow though so I haven't actually need for versatility so much, 

    I was actually wondering moreover how well the -CH would go WITH black and only black more than anything.


    Apologies for smashing up this thread a little here just eager to bag a pair while-stocks-last

  6. So really wanting to pull the proverbial trigger on these Acronym's.


    Two things;


    i) Whether to go P15-CH or P15-S if I want some water resilience but also to be black with black cord.


    ii) I'm 6'2 and 33' waist can I go Large?



  7. acronym-fall-winter-collection-2.jpgWhere are these boots from? Want to see close ups




    looking to order p15's to try them out, don't know whether to go with p15-s or -ch. I've had p10-s before and liked fabric etc but is the above photo not the p15-ch? I would like them to be black with black drawstring. 


    Hope I can get a hand to order before the last pair sells out


  8. I grew up in London and go to university in Manchester..



    Come to Manchester and you can absolutely tear it up compared to being a scum bag in london. Much better to be a student in Manchester. Also if you are going to university of manchester it's a great experience to live in the halls

  9. except birmingham lol.



    Anyone move to wandsworth, ignore the transport issues because tube is coming soon and 24 hr tube is also coming september.


    Tube will be here in the next 18 months and wandsworth priceswill rocket!


    I love Greenwich of the non-central areas to live but the transport bit of a myth.

  10. dude rly

    you've made a collage?




    if i was the same dude it would be plain to see by house or clothes , or i am sure techno side of things mods can see my comp's info


    i think I'm out anyway i don't understand why i attract all this attention from the lesser than interesting sufurians, the ones who don't contribute to any good direction sufu takes just the bitchin and noncin around. Give me a rest ? 

  11. i rly don't want get in on the sufu fufu because i know its relentless but if i was a 'sundance' or other goro necklace champ who's brother irl was ver and rl best best bezzies with ouiseux no amount of humbleness could make me not think I'm better than schad: sufu's 24/7 occupant badass but too sore for real life to be seen since 2012, 4,5k posts later and 1,095 consecutive day logins later

  12. oops so busy replying to all ya fun goers i damn near forgot to say what i was wearing! sorry aymerikd but sundance is some other kid

    wearing my bbs cardy! my rick double layer Tee my UniQlo cargos ft old lace belt to pair with the trashed look off the ann trainers I'm working hope that touch works out well with you all  - p neat idea i borrowed from sufu superstar  alexphallus

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