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  1. 18 hours ago, BionicEye said:

    can somebody help me with the ranchman
    chest 106 cm, shoulder 45 cm, 83 kg, 1,79 meter, armlength 62 cm
    size chart suggest a size 38 but im afraid that will be too skintight for me,
    i like a more relax fit
    i will wear it untucked with a t-shirt underneath it

    As others on this thread kindly advised, 42 is your size!

  2. Announcement  regarding product, part number TCB20’s CONTEST JEANS/TCBjeans50’s Bespoke stiching TCB Co.,Ltd.has been sold by our company from the end of 2017 through the japanese domestic and the inter nationalmarket, we knowing full design as the design of the product sold for many years, manufacturing goods very similar or almost same to FULLCOUNT CO,.LTD. and would like to apologize for the fact that we infringing on the trademark registration No.5919610 ownedby FULLCOUNT co,.ltd Wewould like to apologize for this inconvenience caused to customers of TCB co,.ltd and FULLCOUNT CO,.LTD.

    We are pleased to inform you that we havecanceled the sale of the target product mentioned above..for customers who purchased, we will refund the price after collection the goods. in future, we will pay attention so that there will not be such a thing again,we sill strive to further strengthen the management  system


    Hajime Inoue

    Representive Director, TCB Corporation



    Hello Everyone


    Thank you very much for me to support the TCB

    18 months from the start of the contest

    We got the power to look at every day post

    I have reviewed the final entry has been jeans in-house


    And the results announced







    The winner is the volvo 3 vote



    Everyone who participated


    Thank you very very much



    Also I will do my best the best of making things from now

    Please look forward to it



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