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  1. Well your sweater seems (not sure with the angle) an awkward lenght, which doesn't help. It is slightly too long for a clean look and not baggy and long enough for an oversized look, making your jeans totally look like some girl's sweater+tights outfit.


    Note: I sorta like the sweater + tights look on men in certain cases, main idea being that the sweater be really oversized.

    I understand what you mean, I did also think that a baggier jumper might look better despite the jeans looking much tighter than they are in that photo. I appreciate the constructive criticism.

  2. I get bored of things / people as soon as I feel they've given me a form of validation, as soon as a female begins to like me I can't be bothered, same with friends. I think that's why I'm not bored of fashion forums (nor my parents, lol), because there'll always be someone to criticise you or not give me validation. It's really sad / autistic. 

  3. I'm finally getting round to buying a perfecto, I doubt I'll wear it much so I was thinking about getting a Schott one? Though I hear the fit it quite terrible. If that's the case I'll just look around and buy one for a bit more. Could anybody give me some guidance one them? Thanks.

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