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  1. Yesterday I arrived in Salamanca. While I was on the way to my hotel a group of women approached me, one wearing a deflated sumo wrestler costume. The woman in the sumo costume asked me if I was an American. When I told her yes she asked if she could take a photo with me; feeling conspicuous I asked her why. She answered "In three months I am getting married."


    So somewhere there's a photo of me looking deeply confused next to a woman in a sumo costume. 

  2. those pants don't fit u and why are your wearing your af1 straps like that

    I assume he's wearing his af1 straps like that because he's not down with cool internet kid culture like you are.


    edit: the thought of this guy actually sitting down and trying to eek out a knowing smirk from you people is bumming me out. 

  3. No.


    Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize that you speak on behalf of Austin. 


    In any case I'll be going. Feel free to shoot me a message if you've got any recommendations or just want to meet. 

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