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  1. 8 hours ago, Toegun said:

    Went to the McCoys store in London last Friday and picked this up


    No side seams just the stitching down the back:

    nice cuff details (and the colour here is pretty close to what it actually looks like)


    It’s a war time chore coat, I wanted the ww2 type 1 denim jacket but only their prewash fitted me well. A touch of water and it round have been game over. 

    Gave it a proper soak so it’s still pretty crispy 



    lovely pattern on this!

  2. You'll get hit HARD on customs fees in Canada. I live close to the border so I have everything shipped to Washington State where the custom fees aren't as bad.

    That said, if you buy a jacket... say a J1A-GT for about 1070 Euros = 1568 Cad, in BC the customs fee for the jacket will be closer to 500 give or take. It sucks :(

    Oh wow  :sad: thanks!

  3. Thanks guys for all the advice..

    Sorry for being slow to respond..

    Been clearing work & will be heading to calgary soon..

    Managed to find a w+h x canada goose parka - hopefully the deal goes through..

    With a few layers I think I should be able to survive the cold right?

    Will bring my SS-j25, GT-j27 & S6-C + NG1 as well..

    Now for pants... Will the P15-CH do with 2-3 thermal pants?

    Also... Thinking of just thick socks and my moc-toe red wings...

    Will be my first winter seeing snow... Beautiful yet tragically cold (-20/30)

    Somehow I feel I need more protection...

    In Calgary and I can usually get by in -20 in jeans with my Wolverines and wool socks on. But I'm used to it :P  I'd recommend thermals under your pants if you're uncomfortable with the cold. 

    Also if you're looking around for a W+H x CG jacket there's a store here that still has an XL in stock!

  4. ^do you feel it would hold up in rain well?

    thinking of getting one for biking on rainy days

    Yes would definitely hold up well in the rain, sprinkled a cup or so of water on the back and none got in

  5. Hey guys, first post here, in the past couple pages i've seen all the talk about Isaora, and coincidentally just recieved my 3L Technical Shell in the mail. Thought I might do a little review/write-up on it just to voice my opinion on the coat and the company.


    On the surface it looks quite nice, the dark charcoal colour and the navy contrast really nicely with each other. The material is also super breathable, both the softer navy fabric and the 3L shell. I'm about 5'10" and 130lb's, buy a small in everything except t-shirts, so i got a small in this after examining the sizing chart i noticed the sizing was very weird. I bought the small and it fits like a slim large honestly, good for layering but still, i was expecting something a bit more slim fitting



    Although this picture doesnt show it well, the jacket has a slight problem of not really being able to zip up all the way near the very top. That big piece thats meant to shield the zipper actually does the opposite, just stops it from zipping up. The zippers in general also aren't very good, definitely not up to par with the YKK zips on any of my Veilance pieces


    Inside looks fairly clean from here...


    However unzip it more and we get to my biggest gripe with the jacket, this little clusterfuck of pockets, it can fit my iPhone 5S and a couple cards fairly well but that space could've been used so much better. A nice large interior pocket would've been great instead of a bunch of little holders. There's even 4 pen holders for whatever reason, oh well, i'm sure that i'll find a use for them when i go hiking.


    In general though, the inside just looks really sloppy, there's a lot going on, way more in there than it should be. On the plus the pockets are really warm.


    Velcro cuff that's surprisingly nice, especially with how long the sleeves are. Still would've preferred button closure, like on some Veilance pieces, or just a little elastic.


    These little mesh vents beside the pockets, i never used them but when it gets warmer they might be quite nice.




    And a fit with it. In general, despite the criticisms, i'm happy with it. For the sale price of $395 or so there probably aren't many jackets that can beat it as far as 3L shells go. But, the retail of $800ish was ridiculous, and the Isaora pricing now is much better.

    I think that if they find a brand base (techwear or snowboarding gear) and stick with it, they could make some really solid gear.

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