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  1. turning 18 soon and came to the conclusion my acne is (was) hormonal. my skin is fairly clear, rarely get breakouts and when I do they last a day max, and hyperpigmentation is fading quickly. there is hope 4 U if you're young and only have a mild-medium case of acne.

  2. aha seems to just make my skin look good the morning after, and prolonged use with bp makes me breakout/irritates my skin. probably going to look into that vitamin E recommendation and switching moisturizer to just pure aloe vera and jojoba oil 

  3. iirc dont suck off the coating, stuff tastes like shit. get any knife, crack the shit off and then you're left with a normalish pill thats half green half white, just cut the green part off and swallow the white half. no point removing the waxy shit underneath the coating.

    how longs the high last ingesting it this way?

  4. looking for something to remove hyperpigmentation and red marks from previous acne? been using the acne.org aha and getting minimal results on evening my skin tone. maybe some kind of homemade chemical peel?


    also looking for anything I can add to the acne.org regimen that would be stronger in treating and preventing blackheads? should I just go to an esthetician or someone who can use a blackhead removing tool?


    edit: my skin type is combination with an oily T zone and normal cheeks but most of my breakouts are on my chin. probably from smoking.

  5. IMHO there's like maybe around 5.5 members on this board whose contributions to the what are you watching today thread that are consistently informative and thus praise/rep worthy.

    the rest is just a great big jag off of films that most of us have seen.  basically a cheap way or cry 4 rep.  most of the post-timing in that thread for older films is fucked.


    "oh u like wong kar wai?"  "i repped so u know i like his shit too!"   pfffttt whateva


    so u watched the holy mountain for the 1st time?  who gives a shit?  you know who?  the other philistine aka neo hipster who recently watched it 4 the 1st and repped you.


    I'm insecure about the quality of my contributions to this forum, particularly that thread. is this about me?

  6. 54mg of concerta 

    3 cups of coffee

    a ton of nicotine


    I've been experimenting with high doses of concerta for about a month now, usually to study or focus on schoolwork for a few hours, I take them pretty normally the only thing I do differently from popping it normally is suck the instant release coating off. doesn't taste too bad and you get a decent buzz right when you pop it. I am by no means an expert on ADD meds but I would say you get an okay buzz and overall concentration is increased for the first few hours on concerta. BUT, as far as I can tell, as soon as you drink one cup of coffee on this drug you peak and it hits you really hard for an hour or 2+. I tested this with drinking coffee roughly 6 hours in and today 8 hours in and both times after I drink coffee I peaked. I've never tried not drinking coffee with it though maybe you wouldn't ever really peak. maybe this is common sense or well known info but whatever.


    also, has anyone on this thread tried taking apart concerta to get around the time release and just taken the methylphenidate half of the pill? how long did the high last?

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