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  1. Had a craving for this model as well, spent some time digging. The model number is VN-0YS7EMI. Just an FYI, the sole is actually not white, and is off-white. Mostly, if not only in Japan right now. My guess is that they'll drop stateside in the next 3-4 months... Here's some on sale, not sure if they ship intl




    anyone who needs a pair no foxing stripe can make a custom pair online without it

  2. is tres bien is the cheapest place to buy acne at the moment (20% off)? i checked several stockists, but i'm sure i missed a few, and i can't get lncc to even load except on my phone, and the products dont show up <_< 

    but people tell me they dont get hit with customs charges when ordering from tres bien to the US.

  3. is sizing down necessary for acne jeans? looking to buy ace stay cash. can anyone comment on if they stretch out at all? thanks


    there was an exact answer on the page previous, i'm an idiot

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342