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  1. WTS

    S24-AK Large brand new full pack $333USD shipped + fees (way lower than retail)

    LA8-AK Large brand new full pack $999USD shipped + fees (way lower than retail)

    C1-AJ Medium brand new full pack $555USD shipped + fees (way lower than retail)

    J68-PL Multi Medium brand new full pack 1500USD shipped + fees

  2. Finally got J98-SS today. Love the loose fit and the Olive is bit darker than the site photo. More close to the site video shown color.


  3. WTT
    Acronym J64TS-S Size S (Blk) full pack 9.5/10
    J64TS-S Size M (Blk/Raf) 9+/10

    WTS (+ pp fee + shipping)
    Brand new full pack
    J29-WS Large -> 2000USD/2750AUD
    J68-PL Multi Medium -> 1500USD/2000AUD
    S23-AK Large -> 400USD/550AUD
    J65-AJ Medium -> 500USD/700AUD
    3A-MK1 Black Foil (2021) ->  300USD/400AUD
    NG4-AK ->  300USD/400AUD
    HG1-AK ->  300USD/400AUD
    3A1 Green Foil  (2021) -> 1800USD/2500AUD
    3A-3TS Black Foil -> 2000USD/2750AUD

    J53TS-GT Medium condition 9/10 no bag/sheet 1500USD/2000AUD
    3A-MZ5 Silver Foil condition one used one not, come with bag/sheet 500USD/700AUD

    J47A-WS :: M/L
    J74 - PX White :: M

    J64TS-S :: M
    P38 - E :: M

  4. 1 hour ago, segue said:

    this isnt a zip quality issue lol. the creases are due to the zips being curved and can't be avoided.  its like seeing folds on your pants and saying there is a quality issue with the flyzip.

    this is the mothersite photo. So u mean the only way to avoid is to photoshop it?





  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342