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  1. japan :: tokyo :: general

    there's pretty cool lodging called book and bed in ikebukuro, but seeing how you already have accommodation, probably not that interesting. cool space though, lots of art books, magazines, and mangas.
  2. japan :: tokyo :: general

    i remember crossing this general store in koenji: http://cotogoto.jp/ seemed to have a good selection of stuff -- hippopotamus towels for example.
  3. japan :: tokyo :: general

    papier labo recently moved to a new space too i think
  4. japan :: tokyo :: general

    if you include used bookstores, jinbocho is full of em. most are jp-lang but there are a couple with english books
  5. japan :: tokyo :: general

    I had an iijmio sim my last trip. I have a US unlocked iphone 5s, and it was a nightmare to set up. For some reason i couldnt input the carrier apn info manually and had to go to find the closest free wifi to download the iijmio package to set it up. But then that logs you out of all your icloud stuff so you gotta set it up again Also as far as i could tell once you run out of the data limit it stops completely. But at least it's fast and the coverage was good in most parts of tokyo
  6. japan :: tokyo :: general

    gonna be in tokyo early sept. lookin for good skate parks/spots not too far from shibuya. all i'm aware of is the nike park, but i'm not a big transition dude. there was supposed to be a park in nakameguro or something right?
  7. japan :: tokyo :: general

    1) Ebisu's got a lot of small izakayas last I remember. Tatemichiya is a pretty cool one out in Daikanyama, last I recall it's covered with punk rock memorabilia, and the avocado tempura is to die for. 6) Seems like you're in town for Tokyo Art Book Fair 2016 if you're looking for art books. Papier Labo out in Sendagaya is pretty nice for print stuff.
  8. WAYWT destroyed my life [2016]

    at least the cwg thread is consistent as ever
  9. usa :: los angeles :: general

    lottie's skateshop is pretty cool, i dont really go to west la too often any more though not exactly new but woodcat out in echo park has some mean coffee. would def recc
  10. japan :: tokyo :: general

    personally i think prov in harajuku has a better collection of core brands n stuff as far as skate goes. a lot of stuff that labor carries, including the smaller brands doesnt have the indoor quarterpipe or bump tho which probably is super fun
  11. what are you eating today?

    that wow wow waffle? still haven't gone to their new b&m spot
  12. shit you hate

    ^ mix apple cider vinegar, dish soap, and water and set it out. the fruit flies are attracted to the vinegar and land on the water but the soap makes the surface tension of the water lower so those fuckers drown it will make your place reek of vinegar for a while tho
  13. coffee anyone?

    don't get aluminum moka pots shit tastes weird
  14. coffee anyone?

    there's also the porlex mill (and mini mill), which is spring stabilized so the burr wobbles less. i've heard it gives a more consistent grind than the skerton, so it may be worth checking out
  15. Best laptop

    ^ i have a mid 2012 mbp 13 and it's still running fine although all i do on it is matlab mavericks has made it hiccup occasionally though but very infrequently