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  1. Tender Co. Denim

    Rodeo Bill, i was looking at some of the new "true khaki" shirts and pants on tenderstores, and is it just me or do the shirts look more yellow and the pants more of a green tint?
  2. Tender Co. Denim

    Quick sizing question, I have a chlorophyll dyed butterfly shirt in size 1 that fits great, if a hair snug, in most ways EXCEPT, where the sleeves meet the body is definitely too small to be totally comfortable, but is still wearable. How would I do in a size 2 type 429 short sleeve square tail in beekeepers' cloth? Thanks in advance Dan
  3. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Kiya, any sizing advice on the new Mister Freedom short sleeves? I'm usually a medium in Star of Hollywood/sun surf/ sugar cane etc. Thanks! Dan
  4. Tender Co. Denim

    Any plans for another run of the lightweight denim?
  5. Tender Co. Denim

    Anybody care to comment on the breathability of these 17oz denim trews from New State Store?: http://www.newstatestore.com/default/brands/tender-co/tender-type-134-denim-trews-woad-suspenders.html I'm thinking about picking them up, but I live in a fairly hot and humid climate and don't need another pair of jeans I can only wear in the coolest months. Thanks
  6. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Kiya, any idea when some new cooler weather Flathead shirts might be coming in?
  7. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Any new Star of Hollywood stuff coming?
  8. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Any plans to restock the Flathead 4001bk?
  9. Self Edge, SF/NY/LA/PDX - updates & info

    Kiya, can the SC2013 be described as slack weave? I'm looking for something for our 90 degree plus 100% humidity days here in New Orleans summers.
  10. Left Field Jeans

    You doing the 10oz in both fits? Any way to pre-order sooner rather than later? Thanks! Dan