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  1. Thanks for all the information.


    Been looking at arcteryx too. I have several pieces already, but I like to try other brands.


    Going to try on the ephus, but still keeping an eye out for TAD. Too bad that TAD is really expensive in Europe.


    When I made up my mind, I will let you know. Really like the way everybody reacts and in a short timeframe, THANKS. 

  2. Thnks for all the info on TAD.

    Stealth lt is more a stand alone piece imo. Looking for a softshell for wearing with my gt-j28 with some water repellency.

    Maybe the TAD Ranger hoodie.

    Any thoughts?

  3. Looking for replacement for my acronym j25-ss, but want a different brand.



    Any suggestions? Been looking at Mission Workshop, but not really feeling it.


    Preferably with hood and schoeller material.

  4. bought a pair of maharishi nano sphere. Really like them.



    Now looking for a pair of shorts. Similar idea, just not too short. On or below the knee.



    Any thoughts?


    Chrome union shorts look okay.

  5. Thnks,

    Looked at them. That's kinda what I'm looking for. You're a 33 right, but customized the pants. Have to look at the measurements.

    Also looking at the arcteryx gamma ar en rock pants. How those look with a pair of sneakers and a shirt

  6. Been wearing a lot arc'teryx for years now and looking for a pair of new pants.


    I really like the look of the acronym P10/P13, but can't justify spending so much on pants, yet.



    Is there a cheaper alternative with similar features, mostly looking at the motorbike fit. Looking to spend a maximum of 350-400 euros.


    Hope you can help me. Been looking at outlier, but that's not quite what I'm looking for.

  7. Looking for a P10 or P13, but no shop near to me.



    I'm 181 cm and 82 kg, jeans size 33.



    Do I need a Medium or Large?




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