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  1. Lots of nice places posted here



    If you like the stuff posted there you can basically aim for the following as a good base:
    White walls with wood floors and big rugs, proper lighting, lots of plants and get some art up on the walls.


    Most kinds of furniture will look good in the above setting so here you guys can choose and decide more freely depending on what you personally like. Midcentury modern and danish design pieces are very popular at the moment, followed by more modern stuff but often still scandinavian such as Hay and some of IKEAs nicer stuff.

    I'm personally a big fan of "contemporary industrial" styling with exposed surfaces and a slightly more rugged finish, but as I said above with the "base" mentioned you should be able to find yourselves what direction you want to take it in.

  2. Lucifer, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Blacklist, You're the Worst, Fresh off the Boat and Elementary are all back and all still pretty good (except You're the Worst, which is really good)


    Westworld is dope, The Good Place is pretty fun, Atlanta I don't really know what to say except that I enjoy it a lot

  3. A few games I've played and enjoyed, that I'd say is closer to what you want than either of the two kinds you dislike:


    - Dying Light. Had a blast playing this tbh and got a good +40 hours out of it


    - Tomb Raider & Rise of the Tomb Raider. Obviously similar to Uncharted, which might fall into that first description of games you don't like, but I feel like they're slightly less on the cinematic side and more about gameplay.


    - Styx. Haven't gotten very far, but if you like sneaking around you'll probably enjoy this.


    - Obduction. Definitely casual and cinematic, but done by the same guys who did Myst so if you're into that you'll like this as well.

  4. I alter and customize my clothing, but nothing from scratch yet.  Here I shortened a blue Oxford from Uniqlo, gave it a straight hem, removed the cuffs (i don't like cuffs on my shirts), and then added a homemade elbow patch.


    What do you guys think?  Any feedback or questions is welcome and appreciated.



    Nice work and cool instagram too, really like the zipper-pocket shirt (inspired by Snowman?)

  5. when kindofyoung and i made eye contact (on two different occassions), and i recognized him while he has no idea i browse sufu


    Didn't know there were any other Uppsala sufu members, you should've said hi. This was yesterday night right?

    I think I noticed you, but assumed you were mistaking me for someone else (since I had no idea who you were) and that's why you looked at me

  6. So I got two friends, one of which already has a partner. We were out at the club together and as we're about to say goodbye/goodnight, I look down for 2 secs to lock my bike and when I look up again they're making out.

    No previous history between the two and not even anything hinting towards it happening, afaik anyway.

    And I'm just standing there, about one meter away from them with no fucking clue what is happening.

    (just left quietly once I realized it wasn't a joke or something, which was my first thought and also why I laughed when I first looked up)

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