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  1. anybody read sanctuary?


    very good imo


    Just finished it the other day, really liked it. Same dude who illustrated Crying Freeman, Ryoichi Ikegami. Reading another illustrated by him, Heat, same vein of yakuza story, not quite as good as Sanctuary so far.

  2. Can anyone recommend any good music/ music centric slice of life manga/anime? Something in the stream of Beck MCS.


    Watching Sakamichi no Apollon now and really enjoying it!

  3. Got myself a Hario Skerton grinder and it definitely improved the taste of both my french press and coffee machine brews. Looking into modding it so it does french press grinds better and getting an Aeropress.


    I've got a Hario Skerton I keep at work and a V-60, and find it works well enough for a good medium-fine grind unmodded, definitely recommend modding for french press though, they get a little shaky at coarser settings.


    If you're brewing a lot of coffee at home, I would recommend any of the Baratza electric burr grinders. Really good quality burrs, the entry level grinders are pretty affordable, and they can grind nicely for anything from french press to espresso if you really wanted. 

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