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    Up to 50% off on cashmere sweaters. ($170 for either) Different colors available. This is a special offer that was only sent out to Kickstarter backers but here it is. (If you try to access the funding page from the main website, you will get a different price) The prices now are even lower than they were for Kickstarter backers. I'd buy another but I already backed the Kickstarter project. Also note that these styles will no longer be available after the stock is gone, so this is really the only chance you have of getting them at this price. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/naadamcashmere/naadam-nomadic-cashmere/comments Quote: Since we are no longer going to be selling these styles we thought that you would appreciate the lower prices. We didn't have this project in mind when we started the Kickstarter. We just wanted to do something nice for you guys and figured the best way would be to give you a deal that we knew was not about making money but was about showing you we value your support.
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    [official] pc

    windows isn't free unless it comes bundled with a system
  3. kloss

    Android or Blackberry?

    I think that the barebones BB OS is better than the barebones Android OS. Navigation is much easier (to switch apps on BB, you just swipe in from the bezel) But once you factor in all the apps, Android wins by a landslide. I still don't like the Android OS, but I've been using GMD Gesture Control to emulate the bezel swipes for app switching.
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    SOLD - Thanks for the interests

    Is it 788Z or 788ZS? (standard shaft or small shaft?)
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    Coupon Codes for online stores.

    Sale on moisture-wicking, odor-control undershirts (developed at MIT) Free shipping Copy-pasted from my email Buy 2 get 1 Free on any CORE through August 9th* Add 3 CORES to your shopping cart and enter code GETACORE http://u21280.sendgrid.org/wf/click?upn=XIPNX9ZC-2FnVc7NHDPX4UZqqymVn2cEW4-2Bbwb-2BgJr6bo-3D_1Aw0uRcad-2FYd3WhpbuX0Vg3uEgK3PsmVOHpWjph5tBIlwEbCawPhNRsSQF4Qai0hUan4IMiuwcMACPKbc6WKe8dWiC0dUUTccdvzMMzDoYY2I33Q8HvphsIcBg6cmiM-2FrIHiHzPofWY71WoN53GdVjz-2Ft2-2Be-2B32zqcZ6NHnuEymiz3GlNNHqeOWajaUThX5sEZ-2F-2F-2BQu9d4lZh2u19AejMw-3D-3D