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  1. the purple label so close yet so far away...

  2. can someone pls explain to me the bastardization of american brand products

  3. OMG ppl can read my statuses if u need me im gonna be in this hole i dug myself in -____________________________________-

  4. im just kidding, i wasnt really born after 2004

  5. guess its not like facebook, guess its not like twitter cuz where do all my statuses go

  6. i was scoping this site and i notice theres like members from 2004 like before i was born and they only got 2 friends like is this place not really friendly?

  7. tbh i signed up to find some purple label but i dont know how to use this site

  8. took me forever to decide on my prof pic ukno this the most innernet flex site i ever seen

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