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  1. I think Supreme gets their wood from Chapman skateboards. Some friends and I managed to order a bunch of blank decks from their factory and I don't have any complaints about the decks (I'm not picky with shapes, ie. girl/chocolate skateboards have a really short tail but in Chapman's case, the tail is a bit longer but not the same length as the nose if that's important to you)

    Really nice quality wood as well, a bit thicker than Welcome decks but it's really solid. The top ply stains are v pretty if you get a good one. 

  2. I purchased the black ones and they came in the mail today. They're a half size too big (I should be an 8.5) 

    for me unfortunately. The suede is a little thin but overall they're pretty nice. If anyone has a black pair in 8.5 and interested in trading please message me yo. Worst comes to worse I'll just return it. 

  3. damn where can i pick up those palace skateboard t's?


    Not exactly sure which tee's you're looking for, but I've seen some Palace stuff on END. and Hanon-shop. Probably more shops out there too, can't really think off the top of my head, soz. 

    If anyone knows where to buy Palace decks in the U.S (preferably east coast/closer to nyc) I'd greatly appreciate the info. 

    Also, moving into Newark NJ tomorrow. If anyone's near that area and down to skate I'd be more than willing to meet up. 

  4. ended up putting together an old slightly used heroin deck 8.25 (too big though) but I might look into getting a supreme board cus lol B)

    anyone near newark nj/nyc/brooklyn area? 

    and yeah chapman makes boards for those companies. pretty cool company, curious about their different shapes/custom boards.

  5. i've never known a person who has used an ankle brace, but if it let's you skate then go for it. 

    Yeah, not many people skate with them to be honest. It just sucks because once you start rolling ankles, you're prone to roll them even more frequently after that. 


    I use sports tape to brace my ankle when I skate – I believe it helps by reducing the tendency of my ankle to give out when I land on

    it awkwardly.

    I might look into that also. I don't want to baby my ankle and stuff, but I don't want to keep getting hurt. Thanks for the tip bruv. 

  6. I'd have to say that since you're not really in need for an upgrade, I would advise you to hold off until the holiday season of this year. I know you've shown disinterest to the Iphone since it's being released around that time, but the main reason to wait is to see what Samsung has in store in terms of their Note 4. If you can't wait, the LG G3 or the HTC One M8 will defo do you justice. Of course just make sure to watch reviews, compare specs, and generally find what's best for you but you already know all that. 

    Also look out for Project Ara (If you're into the whole modular interface), but that's going to be for a long while. 

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