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  1. FYI, HTC does not own nor fund Stevenson.  Stevenson is wholly owned by Atsu Tagaaya and is a Japanese company, no investors or big money involved.  Not that i consider HTC big money considering Zip has been running his business independently for years.


    Kiya, that is interesting. The following article by Denim Hunters gives the impression that Stevenson Overall is the brain child of both Zip and Atsu. Do you know what Zip's role in the company is?



  2. FYI, HTC does not own nor fund Stevenson.  Stevenson is wholly owned by Atsu Tagaaya and is a Japanese company, no investors or big money involved.  Not that i consider HTC big money considering Zip has been running his business independently for years.


    Could you guys clear up who/what HTC is?

  3. Mike Hodis left the company after issues with the 'man with the money', who hold 51% of RS&Co.

    Now it seems the brand is still running, producing old stuff, and a few new pieces.

    So far all the new pieces were stuff that Hodis never publicly offered,at least as far as I know.

    Anyway, Hodis is now running a new show, 'runaboutgoods', doing this and that for Stevenson Overall, which leads me to the conclusion, that the HTC group is now being the 'one with the money'.


    Very interesting. Thank you for the info.

  4. There seems to have been lots of talk last year about Rising Sun Mfg. going out of business but it looks like they are still alive and kicking. Does anybody know what the story is? Was it just their retail shop not able to survive?

  5. steeze ^


    Hah, thanks dude!



    cross post from DWC -- Samurai s510 25oz, little over 3 months. About to give these another wash.


    Those are looking great for 3 months. I actually like the dirty look.

  6. a customer came in the other day with a pair of Strike Gold 5109 with a year of wear and about 6 washes and it looks pretty crazy for 1 year. 


    Good lord those are beat. What's up with the shredding going on at the belt loops? Really cool evo.


    EDIT: Really nice to have that comparison of new vs. old. Crazy indigo loss.

  7. My S5000BK with somewhere around 3-4 months actual wear. Love that Zero denim!


    FULL ALBUM with more images than necessary.






    These are my favorite buttons as the convex nature of the design produces some excellent button fly fades.




    This pair is also showing some loose stitching at the front pockets that others have mentioned.








    My favorite little slub-nub.









  8. Chainstitched by HAND (single thread pass)

    Left the lockstitch though (for additional reinforcement and reference for the chainstitch)



    You must have the patience of a monk. Nice work.

  9. Really great work everyone!


    Quick patterning question if anyone can help out:


    I'm running into a problem where there is a 'V' at the top of the side seam where the front and back meets at the waistband, making it difficult to sew on the waistband (see the circled area in the rudimentary drawing below). I'm guessing this is because the top of my pattern pieces are straight and not curved. My question is: do I need to curve the top of the front pattern, the back yolk, or both to smooth out that angle?


    Thank you & happy sewing


    You are correct, ideally both the front and back.


    If the denim you are working with is forgiving enough you may be able to stretch a curve out by steam ironing.  

  10. Cone did not have or could not produce the selvedge id thread color so Roy had another company manufacture just the single thread that goes through the selvedge line and had the thread shipped to Cone to use on his denim.  


    Is it purple?  :D


    Very interesting details Kiya. I look forward to seeing the new stock.

  11. I had a great pair of harness ankle boots that served me well for almost 15 years, two or three years ago they finally gave out, leather started cracking and ripping. Been planning to get a new pair ever since and went for full boots this time.




    They're by Sendra, handmade in Spain and considering all the $1000 boots around here they're quite the bargain at around €200 a pair. Goodyear welted of course, leather heel and sole with rubber sole on top (for anti-slip and best part is you can just replace that thin rubber sole every two years or so and don't need to think about resoling them any time soon). You won't find plastic heel stacks here (looking at you, €330 Red Wing boots). This model apparently is from last years 100th Anniversary collection, I knew that Sendra was an old company but I had no idea it was that old :)


    Here's my current boot lineup, pretty satisfied for now but I still need (want) a pair of black western boots and it'd be nice to replace the ankle western boots by a proper boot, but I haven't been able to find a simple plain one without any stitching or other ornamentation yet.




    2x Sendra, 2x Red Wing and a pair of generic repro WW2 army rough outs.


    Those Sendras are really unique Cucoo. The flat front style is done particularly well and your execution is solid with the clean, crisp cuffs.


    I like your collection and style. Very cool stuff.

  12. Any possibility of doing a run of this shirt? I like the pocket used in this one more, as well as the black selvedge. 


    I have considered it. A few people have expressed interest. Keep your eyes peeled.

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