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  1. china :: hong kong :: general

    Agreed with all that.. if you are in TST, Caseuwaybay or LKF/ Central, you can hardly find a bad Resturant. Never had a bad meal. other places that you miss is Star Street in Wanchai which you should get off at Admirty MTR station
  2. I'm unsure where I should post this question... addidas makes great tracksuit. I wonder what tracksuit does Nike make (nice one only). I'm going for that UK pikey look..
  3. What is your "Holy Grail" item of clothing?

    The sneakers? The jacket or being able to not wear any pants?
  4. Visvim fw2017

    Interesting stuff I think. I see more & more Visvim fanboys on IG slowly migrating to Rick Owens...
  5. cant wait to see the photos. thanks in advance Bill
  6. JULIUS Community Sales Thread

    Buying this old thread for those Julius heads to see. If anyone has an older iteration of the black waxed cargo in size one please let me know
  7. WAYWT Shoes Edition

    seen many new models like that...almost bought the new ninja shoes that come with that inner shoes/ socks. how does it work? you dont need to wear socks? and you only wash that the socks that come with it?
  8. Hi-Fi Nerds?

    fuckin love this thread...wish i had read this earlier... sold my system & wince i use my hifi to watch DVD and listen to mp3s... more power to you if you still have vinyl.. so my systems were downgraded to: yamaha rx-v490 jbl nj-40 speakers
  9. Rick Owens mens S/S 16 - Paris

    these pics are so small...maybe its because i am on ipad
  10. Superfuture Boxing Fans?

    Pac/Mayweather - i hope it wont get cancelled. the way i see it Pac is still fighting. what did Mayweather do? buying another bentley?
  11. korea :: seoul :: general

    any local tour for hiking would you recommend? Thanks T
  12. Most influential Sufu member?

    like it or not. seenmy is the only one that has gone mainstream
  13. Visvim F/W14

    Notice the patches? ruco's is much nicer imo
  14. xx sold xx

    Bbs on hold thanks