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  1. SSense usually gets their drops late, so I would advise to check their new arrivals daily.  There’s also a 15% promo code, FW2021 (expires nov. 1), that will work on Acronym.

  2. 37 minutes ago, branespload said:

    hmm so starting FW17 voronoi AR will come in 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36 from what ive heard. not 35. also, no 28s (im sad about this)

    voronoi will still have option for 32" or 35" inseams, rest of pants will likely be 32.5" standard as usual

    also pants will be made in china starting fw17…

    edit: but only the pants, everything else is in canada

    Hmm, the info I was given was from a rep I spoke to on the phone recently.

    Made in China? Well, that changes everything.

    In other news, my Mionn IS Vest has been getting a lot of use this  winter. It's a very great layering piece. I used to have the Mionn IS jacket, but I needed something more versatile that would work under my tailored jackets, and this thing is perfect.

  3. Starting FW17, The Voronoi AR pants will be stocked in size 31 and 35 (not sure about 29).

    30 has always been too tight, while 32 being slightly too big. I'm so glad 31 will be produced. I'm definitely gonna instakop once they drop without any hesitation - such a great pair of pants.

    No plans of the Align Shell Jacket to be rereleased as of yet... :-(

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