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  1. Finally finished Earthbound, i have to admit grinding and combat was exasperating many times, but its worth the effort




    Ness is a badass motherfucker 



    how come (seriously)?  i liked skyrim


    if you liked skyrim im sure its because you havent played the older ones, it was just a dumbed down version with better grafix, the main quest was boring as hell imo and there were no memorable side/guild quests.


    youll enjoy TESO if skyrim was your first Elder Scrolls game

  2. really recommend this "new" artist on bandcamp, his name is Alex Donley and he makes beautiful piano based ambient, and some glitch too, he became one of my favourites pretty fast.



    This one is pretty crazy to listen while outside, its like being surrounded by kids, really eerie 


  3. Cintiq

    Oh nice, sadly i cant into digital art. Neat stuff though



    Really inspired (without hiding it) by Egon Schiele.


    Self portrait




    By the way this kind of style is totally new to me, its about 7am and havent slept all night but im feeling kinda inspired, so i would just call it a study/experiment

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