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  1. SparhawkJC

    Samurai Jeans

    What do you want to know, I have the 511s in Samurai's Japanese Organic Cotton.
  2. SparhawkJC

    Studio D'artisan

    Quick update on Suvin Gold jeans as I haven't really seen any progress pics at all. About two years of rotational wear, probably at a dozen washes by now.
  3. SparhawkJC

    Samurai Jeans

    So it's probably been about a year of rotational wear for my S511SJC-AI. Probably ordered a size smaller than I should have so I'm looking at my first possible crotch blowout. Lovely jeans otherwise, but probably going to retire these for a bit until I bother to send them along with a few other pairs to get repairs. I'm fairly certain these are rope dyed which is why I'm actually getting fades on these as opposed to my PBJ AI-003.
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