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  1. I received both of my repaired jeans a couple days ago. He was really great throughout this entire process, very responsive and seemed sincerely concerned. Sadly, I did not receive a fancy embroidered apology.
  2. Hey Kiya, how much shrinkage, if any, would you expect from the navy pullover?
  3. Pm sent!
  4. Any updates? Thanks!
  5. I'm looking for size M in any of the colors (with the exception of red).
  6. Christian & Co, when can we expect a new supply of the Choctaw Ridge long sleeve henleys (in various colors) to arrive in the webstore? Chicago winter is winning...
  7. Does PF Flyers plan on producing low tops in the Made in USA collection as well?
  8. Kiya, which of the items from the Mister Freedom Sportsman SS14 collection are you planning to carry?
  9. Hey Kiya, which of the pieces from The Sportsman SS14 collection are you planning on selling on SE?