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  1. Dude, had the same for around 4 years and, after surgery it didint "grow" again, thanks god!


    Do the docs close the wound after the surgery or they let it open?

    i didnt have surgery yet, im on waiting list right now, 

    but theres open and closed, i think open less chance of reccurence but slow healing.

  2. ^ how the fuck did you get that?

    yeah probably  hereditary too cause my dad had one when he was young, and my brother have a small lump on tailbone too it just never flared up yet ! basically your born with it lol, it can never flare once in your life or flare once and then keep reoccuring

  3. got another pilonidal cyst, 2 months after my first one ever, gotta have surgery soon
    tbh all i could do was lay on my stomach in bed for 4 days, couldnt even walk when it was at his peak

    google that shit if you wanna puke

  4. Yeah finally finished my uni entering portfolio !

    really stoke on the result, printed on some newspaper feeling, colors really printed well.

    ( sorry i took shitty photos, too stoke )



    yeahhhh guys got the best mark possible for my portfolio ! just passed the entry exam this saturday should have my response in May,

    theres like 700 demands and 60-70 accepted each year, prayingggg

  5. I have kinda fair skin as well but I'm out in the sun a bit so I was wondering if there was anything to help speed the process so the sun doesn't darken my scars/spots. I know to wear sunscreen but does anyone have one they like thats light/mostly natural? I dont like putting on most sunscreens because it feels too oily unless I shower before to dry my skin.


    I've been trying to minimize my routine & keep it pretty basic and natural with products. If anyone has any recs (a cheap & expensive choice would help) for my routine let me know.


    Thayers non-alc toner

    Neutrogena ultra gentle soothing lotion with spf 15 (anyone have a better/lighter moisturizer?)



    Neutrogena ultra gentle daily cleanser

    Thayers non-alc toner

    Paula's choice 2% bha liquid (haven't really noticed a diff from using this, should I be?)

    Neutrogena ultra gentle soothing lotion with spf 15


    Should I be exfoliating or using scrub at all?

    u shouldnt be using a moisturizer with spf 15 for the night tho.

  6. i used to get ingrow hair from shaving especially on neck,

    I switched to cetaphil cleanser as shaving cream

    and gillette trac 2 plus for blade ( they dont make the trac 2 plus handle anymore, the 7'o clock handle work for them ) gotta buy on amazon tho.

    never try to shave your neck with a electric razor

  7. gonna be in toronto for 2-3 days to get some tatts, staying at some airnb house downtown.
    first time in toronto.

    any cool places togo ? havent much time tho,

    took in note the ones superget said,

    any cool places for thrift ? 

  8. a job pays money. 


    speaking of which, i hate this 'unpaid intern' bullshit. at least a contractor pays some kinda wage. but unpaid intern? fuck. 

    man i hate it too but right now basically all internship are unpaid, especially in like design, web, art domain

    you basically cant find a paid intern

  9. just wait dude, i had shaved hair last summer, now almost at shoulder.

    personally i dont really wash them, and use olive oil once a week or two !, supposed to help hair grow faster, but ive used it as conditioner and moisturizer.

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