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  1. im not depressed but my gf of like now 3 months was anorexic before and was fine when we met etc. but now shes gettin back into it.
    she told me that its kinda bad again, so at least shes was able  to talk to me about it, but i dont know what to do, i feel really unhelpful.

    she still super cheerful, cool and feel good most of the day, she just doesnt eat at all almost. and when she does, pretty sure she throw up. on top of that she have arthritis that come and goes so she have to take a shitton of meds. pretty sure the combo of not eating and takin lots of meds REALLY NOT GOOD. 

    i feel like i cant do shit and just ignore it. it doesnt change our relation really, just feel weird i guess

    ive read on anorexia and seem like its a mental disorder that cant be treated really and lot of relapse. god.
    its like their brain is programmed to enjoy not having food, while us its the opposite.

  2. for me, sufu changed with the proliferation of DSLRs

    it felt more spontaneous and fresh with shitty cell phone pics

    i don't exactly walk around with a DSLR and am therefore less likely to take a photo of myself to post on the forum

    i am hardly a fashion plate now, besides, but that's another matter

    ya its way cooler with shitty cellphones pics, who fuckin have time to get his dslr and take AWESOME pics of their purchases or fit. 

  3. norse pique ls polo


    some korean brand bowling shirt


    our legacy weave linen tee


    really big japanesse souvenir jacket from a friend in jp



    bunch of new baggy pants, ann d wide wool trouser, raf 00 flares cotton trouser, cdg shirt wool linen trouser, helmut lang minimalist trouser ( cut holes in it to put a lace belt lol)


    our legacy archive unconstructed blazer in wool, linen, viscose


    helmut lang chain bracelet


  4. yo i have medium lenght hair ( not asian tho)
    kinda like that jack kilmer pic

    is it normal that i get a lot of babyhair on my hairline forehead ? godamn i have to like cut that shit with a clipper every 2weeks,

    idk if its because i cut some hair not the same length as the others so theyre growin out and instand of lettin them grow i shave them ??

  5. idk i just checked like perfume forums, shit like that and its the one of cdg with the poorest durability rating, but again its just a forum idk it depend on the people, 

    im not a person that wanna play with 4-5 perfume, just want a new one that i can wear all year around.

    imma try wonderwood, and if not for me gonna stick with the 2 i guess

  6. ived tried the original, serpentine and 2 MAN and 2, tested it with relatives and shit and everybody hated the original eau de parfum, most said the 2 suited me the better. still maybe wanna try wonderwood but ive heard it doesnt stay on the skin really long compared to 2

  7. we got all the cdg fragances at the shop where i work, even the less known like Serpentine, standard etc

    and im really tempted to buy either the 2 or the first eau de parfum. eau de parfum is kinda more manly, while 2 is unisex. i really dont like the 2 MAN. as for wonderwood just heard it doesnt stay on the skin long. 

    eau de parfum seem like a classic choice i guess ?

  8. i feel like the complete lack of discussions about the new collection says more about it than any of us could

    liked some looks, overall just look what surfer/skaters australian type dudes from some local bands wear, but they dont pay 8k for an outfit obviously. 

    the jeans seem less skinny, more low waisted, jackets and blazer look longer then before also, no more cropped and tucked look.

  9. yeah ill check that,

    also i was using Cerave moisturizer which was ok but always leave me with a greasy face feeling, i have combination skin
    oily forehead/nose and rest is ok

    should i try malin+goetz vitamin E moisturizer ?

    edit; im confused tho cause the product description on malin website say dot not use on oily zone of the face, like the t-zone etc, which are my problem area ( always look shiny)

    edit 2; also im wondering, is a mask essential ? i use an exfoliant 2-3 times a week, does it do the same job as a mask ?

  10. nah i normally eat clean, but im drinking more then usual, going out more tho, i dont use any hair product like i said, well i hope its just gonna go away after a week or two, its like my forehead exploded in tiny pimples.

  11. i changed my hairstyle recently, my hair was getting long and i cut the front, they now sit on my forehead, instand of being behind my ears.
    my forehead always been pretty clear, sometime i had small breakout, but now im noticing like huge breakout, just tiny close comedones, they dont really show that much in certain lightning, but like after a shower it just look like i have lot of tiny red pimples,

    im assuming its due to the hair lol ? ive did biking a lot too these past days and it was really hot i was sweaty as fuck, i guess sweat+hair gettin on the face = what i have now ? i dont use any hair product or styling shit so i though i would be good. godamn.

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