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  1. starting a really low dose of celexa for my ocd, anxiety that seem to come and goes since 2 years. ill be totally fine for 7 months then be anxious and weird for 4-5 months etc etc.

    kinda scared to start it with the side effects tho, sex drive ? weight gain ? 

  2. i have rosacea - a chronic skin condition that results in a blotchy complexion

    basically feels like my face is sunburned all the time

    andy warhol had it - which is a weird kind of consolation

    i feel like you can't understand his work without knowing that about him

    there was an interview in which someone asked him something like, "what's the biggest problem you face as an artist" and he answered "skin"


    jp morgan also had rosacea and hated being photographed

    i understand that 


    also there's bill clinton, but he seems cool with it


    the triggers for rosacea are spicy food, alcohol, caffeine, exercise, nightshade vegetables

    i would rather have blotchy stinging skin than give up any of those things


    the only treatment that works is antibiotics plus a bunch of ointments

    i hate taking antibiotics but i'm taking them for the second time now because my flare up lately has been pretty bad

    haven't taken them in three years though so i reckon it's ok


    anyway - it keeps me humble

    i had a kind of rosacea indulced by acne medication, accutane, i had it for a year or so , only had the blushing symptom , still happening sometime but really fucking rare, at first i was flushing blushing everyday, anxiety or stress would caused it or temperature changes , could stay flushed for hours, face all red and felt really hot, was a really bad time in my life, stay strong man

  3. that vetements raincoat lol, is that even from vetements collection ? seem like it was a online exclusive thing that retailed at like 150$ first on ssense ? and now people are paying 500 for it. fuckin rain coat with a logo text print

  4. mehh, my skin is pretty much clear to me at least, get 1-2 pimples some week, but my forehead always have those tiny little pimples whiteheads, theyre not really awful or anything, i just never seem to get rid of them, been havin for the past 2 months

    some are almost flesh colored

    i exfoliate my forehead every 2 day. they look like pimples you get when you dont exfoliate...

  5. what bladder problem? how?


    you got a shy bladder?

    its really weird man but basically ive read on it, 

    always been a guy that piss often, im talking 10 times a day or more

    but recently i got this problem or OCD were im always in the state of thinking that  i need to urinate, that create tension in the muscles, basically my bladder cant relax and i always get the sentation that i need to piss even tho i just took one 10 min ago, kinda like every liquid i drink i gotta piss it out. and

    this is

    directly linked to anxiety as cause im thinking of it and creating the problem in my head, overthinking it, forcing my muscles

    the thing is i do piss its not just the sensation, but im forcing my bladder way too much and it all happen when im anxious

    if im at home chillin ill get no problem, but lets say im in the subway, i automatically think of that cause its a closed space and cant go to a toilet there

    basically since 2 weeks now  i was always very anxious everytime i knew  igotta take the bus and subway.

    vicious circle hen...

    but took one ativan today and my day was fine as hell, 0 problem, so another point linking it to anxiety and not another sort of problem like overactive bladder or more serious stuff

    (edit:im pretty sure i do have overactive bladder on top of that tho lol)

  6. yeah i think im due for some meds,again, i used to take some a bit last winter when needed and it helped, this summer i was totally fine not anxious at all but it seem winter drag me again into anxiety lol dunno why ?

    that anxiety is causing bladder problem right now. got tested and everything came negative so its the only option left.

  7. the weirdest thing is happening to me right now
    basically i always been kinda anxious since 2-3 years, but now since some time it was pretty good, i wasnt never anxious to the point of like not going to party and shit tho, its more just general anxiety. 

    and i always been a guy with a really small bladder, itake 1 beer and i gotta take 4 piss inthe span of an hour, no joke. never cause me much problems except i have to pee all the time which is just annoying.

    but recently ive been takin the subway more, and i kinda stressed over the fact what would happen if i gotta take a piss while im on the subway, so i created a kind of OCD on my own.. now its like i need to pee fuckin more then 10 times a day, and it create pression, almost like im forcing myself to check if i need to take a piss. shit is so weird.

    this or i really have an overactive bladder and need to evacuate as soon as i drink some liquid. cause well everytime i do piss or feel the need to do it, it come out. i dont think the body can create infinite amount of urine lol ?

  8. yeah i feel you, im really supportive for her, i think shes know it

    the thing is she already take shit loads of meds for her arthritis and doesnt want to overdo with other pill also.
    no kiddin she take like 5-6pills  different pills at the same time sometime for her arthritis

    she knows its not good and that she need help but she told me she didnt wanna see a psych or something, cause she already did before

  9. yeah i try to be really cool with it 

    i say stuff like ' did you eat today tho' and shit like that  and im not sure i should say that ??
    she doesnt react bad to it, shes like yeah i ate, could be lyin or could be that she throw up the foods tho.

    i try also to offer her some food when were at home, small thing like apples and shit, and she does eat it but idk its just weird.
    also i dont feel bad to eat around her. idk if it make her feel uncomfy tho 

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