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  1. If any of you guys have FIFA 15 and want to hustle your friends follow these simple instructions:

    1) Play as MLS teams

    2) Pick L.A. Galaxy

    3) Feed the ball to Gyasi Zardes every time



    seriously, I swear he's as good as Ronaldo.



    ^kinda wish they stayed with the original plan of making an fps mmo.



    binding of isaac: rebirth super fun. some of the new item synergies turn out insane.



    Man, I spent so many hours on the original. Gotta get this.

  2. What do you mean by nontraditional? 


    Any kind of art that you could look at on a piece of paper and not say "oh, that's a tattoo design". Monochrome, maybe?

  3. I found some cute-ass baby rabbits in my parents' backyard. Later, I hear some yelling outside and there's a rabbit you could cup with your palms gasping on the ground, barely alive. My dog had caught it. Then it stops breathing.

    Fuck! I'm going vegetarian.

  4. bkKNFHK.jpg

    I've been having an absolute blast at the movies lately. Saw the opening of Snowpiercer last night in Seattle for SIFF and Bong Joon-Ho was there, as I believe this was the first American showing outside a test audience he referred to that watched a different cut of the film in New Jersey. The version we were shown was the director's cut, so I'm curious what changes will be made for the general release. He did a Q+A, part in English and part with a translator, which was excellent. All the performances are spot on, the special effects were killer, and I can highly recommend it. 


    I will definitely vouch for this film. Tonally unique, smart action flick (!). Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton slay.

  5. I'm looking to find an apartment to live in with my friend for next semester. Any recommendations? Somewhere relatively close to UT (maybe up to 40th or so) and not West Campus, preferably, although if you know of any good spots in WC I'd be glad to hear of them. Anyone in Hyde Park or Far West?

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