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  1. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    WTB: Lamina 20l, PM me what you have! (best backpack in the world am I right?)
  2. Topic says it all. Hit me up with PM and we'll discuss more! Thanks.
  3. superliving: your room / closet / house / apartment

    Thanks for input everyone. I'll get some acoustic panels in warm colors and rug also.. Not sure 'bout the curtains yet. And that standard unit comment was good, it really is like one right now. Well - 3 weeks in or so, I'm still working on it
  4. ******ThE DoG ThReAD******

    "Getting real tired of ya shit m8"
  5. superliving: your room / closet / house / apartment

    Huh? I don't really know, it seems like everyone has it like that here in Finland? at least in small apartments.. True, planning on getting something. 2 weeks in here, need to get at least one plant and I am getting painted acoustic panels to the walls. I'm also in market for a rug but no idea what kind of rug I want, yet... Curtains also.
  6. superliving: your room / closet / house / apartment

    Not really, the sofa is really low also. Always thought it'd be better to have tv low rather than too high
  7. superliving: your room / closet / house / apartment

    Just moved into this. I designed the whole apartment, what you think about it? Sure it's small but gotta start somewhere.... This is my first own apartment, I only have rented before.
  8. Just a question, the shoe is marked 42 yet the box is marked 41, why is that?
  9. WAYWT 2014 [pics only]

    ToJ suiting wool MA-1, Rogue Territory SK stealth, Fjällraven 13'', Converse 70's

    Just contact PayPal and tell what happened in the dispute section. You can take screen shots from your discussion about the jeans and then you can take a picture of the Nudie jeans and so on. PayPal almost always (to my experience) is on buyers side at least in the situations where you didn't get what you paid for. I had problem like this once, paid 900USD for Guidi boots but the seller never sent me the boots. Got my money back no problem, yet it took like 10 days to solve out the PayPal. Good luck man, I hope it'll figure out! Remember to post about this guy to the thread mentioned above.
  11. Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    A question about the sweatshirts: There is a lot of mixed information about which sweatshirts are loopwheeled and which aren't. Using the Real Mccoy's website and google translate if found out that the "military sweatshirt": http://www.superdenim.com/prodpage.asp?productid=2896 is the one that's loopwheeled, and the ballpark is just regular cotton fleece?: http://www.superdenim.com/prodpage.asp?productid=1735 Can someone confirm? I just want the most best sweatshirt in the world
  12. SOLD!

    Bump, new things!