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  1. The Jacket is no longer for sale .. well not here - I'll put it up on eBay next Sunday.
  2. arcteryx veilance

    Perfect - thanks @branespload and @droffen!
  3. arcteryx veilance

    Quick Q: I sent my Actuator Jacket(s) back to Arc'teryx (Veilance) for repair due to the cuffs losing all their elasticity over the years and apparently at least one of the two cannot be repaired anymore & they offered to replace with one of the newer Arris jackets. Does anyone know how the Arris Jacket fits compared to the Actuator ones? I wear / wore a Medium for the Actuator and it did fit spot-on.. but I never tried an Arris one on.. and maybe someone knows first hand how those compare?
  4. arcteryx veilance

    Perfect, thanks! The Survey Jacket has just too much room through the chest - if I wear it with a bulky hoodie or so underneath it feels & fits somewhat right. Then again the Jacket itself would keep me warm enough by itself, adding another layer is, for 99% of the autumn & winter days around here, too much. I originally kept it because it does look great in general & I wasn't entirely sure when I tried in on the first couple of times whether it was just not the right weather, yet.. but as it turned out - every time I put it on it looks a bit like I wear my older brother's clothes. Figuratively speaking..
  5. arcteryx veilance

    Does anyone know / have the Actuator and an Align Shell and knows how they fit in comparison? I have the Actuator in size 'M' and it fits like a glove, but e.g. my Veilance Survey Jacket (FW2012) in size 'M' is simply too wide (anyone up for an unworn one?)?
  6. arcteryx veilance

    I don't have a photo but I ordered a pair of the SS2014 ones & can only comment on the material & fit: the material and quality of the finish were really impressive and as good as any other Veilance product. Great feel, awesome details, seems etc. The fit however was what made me send them back. They are not too long, but long they are. I had to fold/turn/roll them up a once or twice (I'm 1,84m - ordered the W32) and the legs' cut is somewhat.. bent - as in.. pre-formed for movement/bent knees etc - so if you stand up straight the material is in fact a bit crumbled. Waist-wise I'd say they are close to true-to-size (I have a 32" inch waist and the Voronoi pant was old a tiny bit too wide). That wasn't the problem though - the problem was their weird, really weird cut around the back. I do have a slim but muscular build and the Voronois were oh so bulky around the.. erm.. lower back. It felt & looked like I was carrying an extra bag - around my ass. They do say 'articulate fit for greater movement' but to be honest, I'd only recommend them if you had some serious ass coupled with thin legs.
  7. Baldwin Denim, Kansas City

    I am currently thinking about purchasing a Baldwin Denim jeans, particularly their 'The Reed in California' model. However, I am not 100% sure which size to take (as this would be my first pair of Baldwins) - I wear 3Sixteen/Tellason in size W32 but how does Baldwin's The Reed model compare to these two brands? Should I also get a W32 or size down/up? Any experience/suggestions? Cheers and thanks, -Jörg