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  1. arcteryx veilance

    Okay, I really want to check out the Achrom now. Love the Geom, but wished it had a higher collar. A few seasons ago before the Geom, they had a version of the Geom with a stowable hood, but it was a bit too high and bulky because of the stowable hood. Can someone please hook me up with a pic of the Achrom? TIA
  2. Urban Techwear

    Anyone ever hear of this brand? http://salence.com/collection The Baluster and Caisson are the ones I would be interested in.
  3. Urban Techwear

    I don't believe it's been mentioned in this thread, but the Massif Collection coming in fall looks like its following the Arcteryx Veilance move. I'm a bigtime Arc'Teryx junkie and the Veilance line was a total treat for me when it first came out. Before the Veilance line was introduced two years ago I used to purchase pieces from the Arcteryx LEAF line as the logo(even though that is the best logo of the outdoor brands) was discreet and the quality of the LEAF line was all made in Canada like the older Arc stuff before they moved some production offshore. The Massif Collection looks promising from the previews and the articles written about their move to modern civilian designs. http://www.acquiremag.com/style/clothes/massif-collection.php http://www.massif.com/collection/